Tuesday, July 23

Busy bee......

{ sketch by kaffe fassett.  check more out here }

I am a super busy bee this week, in fact my mental 'to do' list is feeling slightly overwhelming. Might be a good time to put pen to paper and actually write things down including the things I've already done this morning just so I can cross them off!!!!  Does anyone else do that??

Thankfully my very kind and generous Mother has been here for the last couple of hours doing some housework for me so that I can concentrate on computer stuff...... God I love my Mum, must tell her more.

Speaking of busy, this piece of beautiful artwork is the perfect illustration of how busy can indeed be a beautiful thing.  The colours are amazeballs. Oh, to be so clever. Gotta fly, that list isn't writing itself!

Monday, July 22

Resignations, Rainbows & flying like an Eagle

{ find where this came from here }

It's been a big few days. At the end of last week I resigned from my "day" job (the one that called for the 'anti-bad vibe' shield) and immediately I felt like a weight had been lifted. Driving back to my country abode the following morning I was greeted with a rainbow. I have long felt that rainbows hold special messages, so to say that I saw that rainbow as a positive omen is an understatement.

And then over the weekend I looked up my star sign 'week ahead' (courtesy of Jonathan Cainer), and this is what I got:

You now seem to be slipping into your own future at some speed. Many things that you once dreamed of and once planned for are starting to happen. Yet you also face other factors that you never expected to have to contend with. This week, under the Harmonic Convergence, you can't escape all that in the twinkling of an eye, but you can start a process that eventually leads to a joyous liberation. You may yet fly like an eagle!

Things are looking good...

Wednesday, July 17

Corporate armour....

I'm convinced that we humans are absolute masters at over complicating things (guilty as charged). And there's no better example than in the corporate world. Wow, we can make things difficult. And as far as I can see for no good reason.

Well, I for one am a little over it. Too hard, too stressful and brings absolutely nothing good into my life. So, it's time to make a few more changes. I'm on a mission and hope to unveil some very happy news in the coming weeks. But for today I'm activating my 'Anti bad vibe shield' (how good is it!!!!).

Tuesday, July 16

Loving right now....

 { is this not the most adorable shot you have ever seen. makes me almost cry with happiness! }

 { my garden continues to be a joy and frustration all rolled into one. i'm longing for spring }

 { I'm afraid I don't have the patience for this kind of work but I admire it greatly }

 { am still harping on about making a quilt but it still feels like a very daunting project... one day... }

{ truly easier said than done but i hope i'm headed in the right direction }

5 of my favourite things from the last week. My appetite for visual beauty never fades, in fact I often think it's what keeps me going. I really am committed to making it a bigger influence in my life. How can I make a living by truly doing what I love and what inspires me? It's a question I often ponder. Surely there's a link between that and the reason I was put on this earth.... kind of makes sense.

Friday, July 12

Let's get personal...

{ walking towards our shed with armfuls of firewood that Sambo had just chopped this my view and I remembered yet again why I love the country }

{ got this postcard from kikki k the other day and it sums up my life } 

{ our beautiful Gussy asleep on the couch after what I'm sure was a hard day! } 

 { happy birthday to a very special Dad courtesy of the local chinese restaurant }

{ kitty kat posing on our front verandah before embarking on an outside adventure }

I'm not a big social media person. I've never really embraced facebook (in fact I find it kind of confusing) but I do however LOVE instagram.... and we all know about my obsession with Pinterest (let's not get started). But instagram is my current fave. Helps me keep in touch with some of my besties that I don't see much given I'm now a country girl, and allows me to stalk some of my favourite bloggers which in turn means I get to see some of my favourite places through the eyes of my fellow prepsters.... think NYC, Nantucket, Boston.

So today I thought I'd share some of my instragram  pic's from the last week. It was my Dad's birthday earlier this week so of course we celebrated! It is amazing to see my Mum and Dad, now in their 70's but so still young at heart and so much fun. They really are truly inspiring and make me feel good about getting old(er). You'll also see pics of our beautiful pooch Gus, and kitty kat Arthur. I sometimes have to stop myself taking photo's of these 2 loveable family members for fear of boring my followers on instagram to tears!!

Happy friday to everyone. I for one am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home. Oh, and if you want to find me on instagram search svonott.

Thursday, July 11

Mini milestone!

This morning I reached 1000 followers on Pinterest and although I'm not in it for the followers it is kind of a good feeling. I've been watching my followers creep up over the last couple of months and have been waiting with much anticipation for it to hit the 1000 mark. Most of my followers seem to discover me via my 'Kennedys' board. As documented on this blog on many occasions I'm a little obsessed with camelot and now I've got the photo's (and the followers) to prove it. Must share a post with some of my favourite Kennedy moments soon.

Is hitting 1000 followers good enough reason to pop a bottle of bubbly this evening?!? Me thinks so!

Wednesday, July 10

Movie magic...

Today I stumbled on a blog that listed 16 movies to watch when you're having a baby. Nice, warm and fuzzies that focused on the nice parts of family life rather than the sometimes scary, negative side of being a parent. And it got me thinking about some of my favourite movies. The one's I can watch over and over (and over). There's sooooo many more but these are the one's that first came to mind.

The Sex & The City Movie - the first one. The 2nd was total rubbish and still upsets me to think how wrong they got it. But the first one was pure genius. As was the whole 6 seasons. Oh, how I miss Carrie and the girls.

Gone with the Wind - it was on TV recently (a Sunday afternoon scenario) and I started watching it again. I must have seen this movie close to 500 times. It is an amazing, iconic, epic movie. Scarlet O'Hara was so stunning. The outfits were incredible and it was a great story. It is well deserving of being called a CLASSIC

Father of the Bride - Best. movie. ever. Granted it is now a bit dated but I love, love, love this movie. Everything about it. Full stop.

The Notebook - this has got to be the ultimate chick flick and I love nothing more than some romance in my movies. Rachel McAdams is so perfect in this movie and let's not even get started on Ryan G. Noah and Ali, you've got my vote.

Friends with Benefits -  The true definition of a romantic comedy. JT cracks me up in this. I loved him before, but this movie masterpiece just kicked it up a notch. Favourite scene is him doing his dance to Criss Cross' "jump, jump".... Brilliant!

The Family Stone - the first time I watched this movie I remember not really liking it. But something made me watch it again, and again. And somewhere along the way I came to love it. And I now know why. It's the cast. Some of my absolute favourite actors but not playing obvious characters. Makes it so perfect.

Well, that's my top 6. I'm sure I've missed some absolute pearlers and I'm sure serious movie snobs would find my list a little ho hum, but who cares. These movies make me feel and they make me smile and isn't that the whole point.....

Friday, July 5

Celebrating Red, White & Blue!

Given that I don't "officially" celebrate the 4th July - something to do with the fact that I'm Australian!, but not forgetting that I feel like I've got American blood running through my veins - particularly when it comes to interior decorating. Thought I'd share a little red, white & blue action I came across recently. So OTT that it's absolutely perfect. I would love to run and jump on that beautiful overstuffed couch. After which I would promptly stand, replump the cushions, sit back down (like a lady) and enjoy a cup of tea.