Thursday, July 26

Get it Bright...

{ images from my fashion love pinterest page }

After a few dreary days we're finally seeing some sunshine again and i'm looking forward to spring and the wardrobe possibilities!!!! So much brightness. Loving J Crews pink neon pants. I must have them... not to mention some printed floral pants. Hello? They've got my name ALL OVER THEM.

Tuesday, July 17

A new member of the family

{ image from here }

Today we are getting a dog.  Another little step in our country experience! We have a (rescue) cat that we love dearly and now that we have a backyard it's time to add to the family. We're resucing a dog from the local animal shelter. He's a black labrador and he's gorgeous. We're naming him Gus. Can't wait for him to arrive this afternoon. I've never owned a dog of my own before so this is a big day. Will post some piccies of our new addition very soon. The one above is just a placeholder for now!! Hope our new addition likes being photographed because I intend to recreate the above with Gus as soon as our jasmine is out in flower!!!

Monday, July 16

Up the Garden Path

{ lots of inspiring gardens to be found here }

With so much work to do inside our new house we've neglected the garden although winter in the Southern Highlands does not a garden make. Had a day outside last week but I must say you can't even see where we've been! Soooo much inspiration on Pinterest though. See above. Enchanted garden here I come.

Thursday, July 5

A day late....

{ image via pinterest }

Thought I'd better celebrate my imaginary American heritage by wishing everyone "Happy 4 July". Aaaand, I'm a bit of a sucker for stars and stripes (see pretty picture above!). Now, I must go, I've got to watch the latest episode of my favourite American TV series (Revenge), set in my favourite American location (The Hamptons). God Bless America!!!

Monday, July 2

So ordering....

{ for more jcrew love click here }

J Crew has offered shipping to Australia for ages and I've exercised some serious restraint. But when this puppy turned up on pinterest a few days ago it just had my name on it..... haven't ordered yet but it's only a matter of time... happy monday xox