Wednesday, August 31

Having a fashion moment.

I've recently added these to the "fashion love" board on my pinterest page.  Totes fabulous.  For more fashion inspiration you can check it out here.

Monday, August 29

Prettiness for Monday morning...

{ image at my pinterest page }

How can it be Monday already!! The only thing to get me through is some prettiness. Must get to Cape Cod one day. It looks so gorgeous x

Saturday, August 27

All to myself

{ found at pinterest via katie nelson }

The hubby is away with the boys watching rugby for the weekend so i'm home alone. Have cleaned the house so I can relax and enjoy the weekend. I'll be spending most of it at the computer as I've got work coming out my ears but with 'Sex in the City' in the background and a candle burning it's not so bad!

Friday, August 19


Found this too cute illustration in my online travels this week.  Can't remember where I found it or who it's by... my apologies but please enjoy nonetheless. Happy Friday xox

Thursday, August 18

It's been too long....

{ image from here }

Over a week since my last blog post which makes me feel very guilty....  It's been a particularly busy week. Nevermind. We're back on track. Happy Thursday - looking forward to a weekend at our little cottage.

Tuesday, August 9


They say that you get what you focus on.  Well, this quote has officially made it to my vision board. I want this to be my life.  Like now.

Sunday, August 7

Love this look

{ image found here }

I came across this today and immediately fell in love.  It's got a good feel and looking at it just makes me happy.  I think i'm going to have to re-create something similar when we move into our new house xox

Super healthy

{ images via }

i'm about to embark on some super healthy eating. Or at least i'm going to try..... I came across these images this morning and felt inspired. Looking forward to feeling full of energy after all these super foods xox

Friday, August 5

Groundhog Day

{ image found here }

This has been one of the longest, hardest, dreariest weeks I have had in a while.  When I got up this morning I said to my hubby.... "it's groundhog day".... He laughed.  I wasn't joking.

But, it got me thinking, what exactly is 'Groundhog Day'. So I googled it.  There are a few meanings but this is the one I was looking for:

The 1993 comedy movie 'Groundhog Day'. On this day Bill Murray is forced to relive the day over and over again until he can learn to give up his selfishness and become a better person. In popular culture, the phrase "Groundhog Day" has come to represent going through a phenomenon over and over until one spiritually transcends it.

OK, i'm ready to transcend please.....

Wednesday, August 3

I'm escaping...

Or at least I'd like to.... and this is where you can find me. I'll be inside making a cup of tea or possibly having a little nap.... dreaming that all my troubles have disappeared.