Tuesday, November 30

It's true...

Tea makes me happy.  It gives comfort and provides a much needed ritual in the day. Not being a coffee drinker I place a lot of importance on that morning cup of tea.... and again as a little afternoon pick me up. To get you over the 3 o'clock blues. I say, long live tea!

Thursday, November 25

Crazy Kitsch or Crazy Cool?

{off the wall wallpaper by payton turner}

I can't decide... probably both but I thought it was worth a mention because anyone who can turn their kinda crazy offbeat ideas into something that actually sees the light of day (with a gallery installation in Manhattan no less!!) is my hero.

Tuesday, November 23

Christmas List

{above:  a neiman marcus house boat or a Tory Burch designed trike}

I don't actually have a huge Christmas list this year... Strange, but true.  But I did come across some little thought starters when I was in dream land via the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. It's definately worth a look for some inspiration if you have a money tree growing in your backyard!

Tuesday, November 9

Imagine if....

{images above: 1. California house, 2. Philip Johnson's Glass House in Connecticut, 3. House I found via www.newlyweddiaries.blogspot.com}

......instead of just cruising through blog's and admiring all the beautiful houses, rooms, gardens and other inspiration to be found on the wonderful worldwide web you could actually visit a few of these amazing places IN. REAL. LIFE. Crazy idea I know. Here's a few that I'd like to see up close.

Saturday, November 6

A free day...

{image of being free via chance.com}

Today I was supposed to be setting up shop at Mosman markets but it was cancelled due to the rain which left me free to spend today exactly as I pleased. Soooooo happy....... There's only one thing better than a day of doing nothing - and that's a day of doing nothing when you were suppose to be doing something.  Joy. Oh. Joy. !! x

Thursday, November 4

This says it all...

Today feels like the perfect home day.  I'd love to be doing nothing other than curling up on the couch with a good book, a cup of tea and maybe a DVD on standby...... Instead, I'm off to work and back to reality with a big fat thud.

Tuesday, November 2

Not a care in the world...

I don't know who this little girl is or even where I found this picture but I just love it. Happy Melbourne Cup day x