Thursday, July 28

Be yourself.

{ via pinkwallpaper blog }

There's not really much more to say.  This one really resonated with me today. If you're reading it maybe you need to hear it too.

Wednesday, July 27

Cool Spaces

{ images via  1. Kuaotunu House NZ  2. House H by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti & 3. House W by Kraus Schonberg Architects }

Although I don't think I could ever live in a house like this there is something I love about them. They seem very strong and calm and organised. Makes me feel like doing some yoga.

Monday, July 25

Today's find...

{ images via kinfolk magazine }

My lovely friend and work colleague Lisa today asked me where I get all the beautiful images for my blog.  Well, as any of my blogging friends would testify it doesn't happen without hours spent online trawling blogs, pinterest, tumblr, flickr.... you get the gist. And every now and then whilst visiting your "favourites" you come across something special. Today was one of those days. Enter new online mag called 'Kinfolk'. The art direction had me at hello. Check it out here.

Sunday, July 24

Sneak Peak

{ photographs by the very talented karen scrimes }

I'm working on a very exciting project... it's been in the works for a couple of years but is finally close enough to talk about. It's a book that combines a love of bikes, coffee & spectacular scenery. We took a first look at the shots today and they are AMAZING. Here's a little sneak peak. It's getting exciting.....

Friday, July 22

Friday night x

{ image via decorology }

 { Templeton House, CZ Guest }

 {not sure where this image is from }

It's been a looooooong week. I am so ridiculously tired and cannot wait until I fall into bed tonight.... It got me thinking about bedrooms. And, more specifically guest bedrooms. Is there anything better than visiting friends that have a gorgeous guest bedroom to sleep in. Kind of like when someone makes you a cup of tea. It is always without exception better than a cup you make yourself. Pure bliss xox

Wednesday, July 20

New love

{ find image here }

I've just joined Pinterest and am seriously in love. At first I thought it was just another thing and because I had a blog I didn't really need it.  But it's sooo much fun and so easy. Check my page out here.

Sunday, July 17

Saturday, July 16


{ image via prepfection }

"I’ve always believed one could live many lives through the way we dress and the places we travel to, even if just in our imagination. The world is open to us, and each day is an occasion to reinvent ourselves". ~Ralph Lauren~

Friday, July 15

Wish you were here....

{ image found at elements of style }

Let me re-phrase that.... WISH I WAS THERE.  As we head into the depths of winter here in Australia my attention is drawn to my blogging friends on the other side of the world that are currently enjoying high summer. Oh to escape to a place like this....

Thursday, July 14

Wishes xo

 {image via papier mache }
After a yummy chinese meal last Saturday night I got a fortune cookie.  It read:  'Your wish is about to come true'....... I'm not sure which wish it's referring to but at this point I'll take any.

Wednesday, July 13

Outfit Envy

{ this girl has some serious fashion cred. check her out here }

If only I had the energy to look this good every day. Most mornings I lie in bed and think about what to wear. Today it was difficult to imagine anything other my trackies so I thought this little outfit might provide some much needed inspiration....

Tuesday, July 12

Like the pieces of a puzzle..

Forget life being like a box of chocolates I think it's more like one giant jigsaw puzzle.  Some pieces fit, others you just really can't see how they possibly belong. And every now and then you get a nice big piece that helps you see the bigger picture. They're the one's you want!

Saturday, July 9

Dad's Day

{ image via newenglandprepster }

My Dad's birthday today and I'm planning a surprise visit to attend his birthday dinner. I love {nice } surprises and I hope he does too x

Friday, July 8

Favourite Day Friday x

{ image via brabourne farm }

In my new house I have happily inherited some lovely chandeliers. I came across this picture recently and immediately knew how I was going to add my own personal touch.... Ribbons! Along with Fridays, they're one of my favourite things x

Thursday, July 7

Tea party

{ via pinterest via crave }

Just the cutest image and makes me smile. With all the stresses of being an 'adult' wouldn't you just love to take a seat with these cute little girls and escape for a day!

Friday, July 1

Just because.

I need a bit of cheering up and balloons ALWAYS make me smile. Happy Friday x