Tuesday, October 26


I went to a wedding of one of my very lovely girlfriends on the weekend and it was gorgeous. Made me want to get married all over again (to the same person thankfully!).  I looooove weddings..

Sunday, October 24


A lack of posting equates to a lack of inspiration this week which equals working too many hours in my day job. There has been hardly time left for anything else let alone blogging - which in my world is one of life's little luxuries. Let's hope that it quietens down soon and the juices flow once more.... I came across this picture at the beginning of last week. An explosion of colour, creativity and fun. Just what the doctor ordered.

Wednesday, October 20

So hot right now...

These pictures of Drew Barrymore are from the October issue of Harpers Bazaar (US).  She looks hot and those outfits are A M A Z I N G....... I drool.....

Tuesday, October 19

Thought for the day....

{ London-based type designer, Seb Lester for the Keep Calm Gallery }

Keeping it Simple is easier said than done but nonetheless it is my new mantra.  Should come in handy as we approach the silly season! Love the irony of the typeface.  Brilliant! 

Friday, October 8

Happy Friday xox

Love Friday's..... but not as much as Saturday and Sundays! Only 1 more working day until the weekend. Yay! 

Thursday, October 7

The joy of a clean house...

{this is not my house and i'm not sure where this picture came from.... sorry}

I'm going to go as far as saying that not much makes me happier than having a clean house.  After having a cleaning frenzy over the long weekend (you've got to strike when it hits) I now have a beautifully clean house that makes me happy (and calm) when I get home each day - and when I wake up each morning. This is once again my little sanctuary that makes me feel good - like everything is in order.

Wednesday, October 6

Bikini Bikini...

{images from zimmerman high summer collection}

Summer is on the horizon and this year it's time for a new bikini.  I've started searching but am not sure I've found "the one" as yet. Maybe more than one is the way to go! Here's the latest looks from zimmerman.

Sunday, October 3

Something pretty

There are so many clever people in the world. I can lose hours looking at blogs and absolutely love it when I discover a new blog that has lots of beautiful things. Soooo much inspiration, so little time!! This is from the website www.madebyjulene.com

Saturday, October 2

Off to the Markets we go....

Well, Florals & Stripes did it's very first Market day at Mosman (in Sydney).  It was overcast all day (and ended up raining us out about an hour before pack up time) but it was a great day with lots of happy customers. My darling husband was there with me from wo to go. You can see him in the 2nd picture, doing the Sodoku in the Good Weekend - pink pen in hand! He is such a good egg - i love him to bits xx

Friday, October 1

The obsession continues....

{images via chanceco.com}

.... with stripes.  This is by an American label called 'Chance'. Established by the former Creative Director of Kate Spade. Now that is definately worth a look. I am in love.