Tuesday, May 31

Mini cute

{image via pinterest}

I came across this pic recently and was struck by just how cute and grown up little girls can be all at once. This little girl is adorable but has the style of a woman far beyond her years.

Monday, May 30

Rainy days

{ image via notetosarah tumblr }

It's the most rainy, windy miserable kind of day that really doesn't warrant going outside. Unfortunately that doesn't mean I can stay indoors like I really, really want to. Shame x

Sunday, May 29

Sunday night blues

{ image via ilovehoneylace tumblr }

Have had a busy weekend with lots to do and can't believe that Sunday night has come around so quickly.  I could definately do with another day just for some R&R.

Saturday, May 28

Outfit Envy

{ image via stockholm-streetstyle.com }

It's getting colder by the minute and so it's time to embrace the winter season with some 'what's good' about winter.  Outfit above is case in point.  And she even pulls off some not so chic ugg boots.  10 points x

Friday, May 27

Out with the old...

{ pansies for my Nan, who's anniversary it is today }

In with the new. I woke up the other morning with this in my head.  Not sure exactly what it means but i'm sure it's a message of some kind..... Mmmmmmmm, all will be revealed (i hope).  In the meantime, TGIF !!!

Friday, May 20

Yay for Friday

{ image by max wagner}

It's been a long week and i'm so happy for Friday and a fun filled weekend with lots to celebrate.  Am putting the champagne on ice x

Thursday, May 19

The Simple Things

Having come across this little pic last night it reminded me that the simple things in life really are the best. I thought this little covered coathanger was the perfect example. So here's a toast to keeping life simple. Hooray!

Wednesday, May 18

Inspired Spaces

{images via graphic exchange}

I often wonder (when I eventually work for myself) what kind of space I will create.  I have found sooooo many little "spaces" over the years that I can picture myself in and I love collecting inspiration for when the times comes.  Here's some of my latest. ps. Is it Friday yet?

Monday, May 16

Monday Inspiration

A little bit of much needed inspiration for a Monday morning.  Easier said than done at times but the most important thing you can do for yourself. I intend to take a step towards my dreams today.

Sunday, May 15


Had a week off with no internet access (which was nice) but it really got me out of the rhythm of posting. Have been feeling guilty about it but I guess sometimes you just need to 'chill'. Besides, blogging is suppose to be fun and not a chore. I'm back now and to celebrate here's a cute little shed I came across. LOVE.