Friday, July 12

Let's get personal...

{ walking towards our shed with armfuls of firewood that Sambo had just chopped this my view and I remembered yet again why I love the country }

{ got this postcard from kikki k the other day and it sums up my life } 

{ our beautiful Gussy asleep on the couch after what I'm sure was a hard day! } 

 { happy birthday to a very special Dad courtesy of the local chinese restaurant }

{ kitty kat posing on our front verandah before embarking on an outside adventure }

I'm not a big social media person. I've never really embraced facebook (in fact I find it kind of confusing) but I do however LOVE instagram.... and we all know about my obsession with Pinterest (let's not get started). But instagram is my current fave. Helps me keep in touch with some of my besties that I don't see much given I'm now a country girl, and allows me to stalk some of my favourite bloggers which in turn means I get to see some of my favourite places through the eyes of my fellow prepsters.... think NYC, Nantucket, Boston.

So today I thought I'd share some of my instragram  pic's from the last week. It was my Dad's birthday earlier this week so of course we celebrated! It is amazing to see my Mum and Dad, now in their 70's but so still young at heart and so much fun. They really are truly inspiring and make me feel good about getting old(er). You'll also see pics of our beautiful pooch Gus, and kitty kat Arthur. I sometimes have to stop myself taking photo's of these 2 loveable family members for fear of boring my followers on instagram to tears!!

Happy friday to everyone. I for one am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home. Oh, and if you want to find me on instagram search svonott.

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