Tuesday, July 16

Loving right now....

 { is this not the most adorable shot you have ever seen. makes me almost cry with happiness! }

 { my garden continues to be a joy and frustration all rolled into one. i'm longing for spring }

 { I'm afraid I don't have the patience for this kind of work but I admire it greatly }

 { am still harping on about making a quilt but it still feels like a very daunting project... one day... }

{ truly easier said than done but i hope i'm headed in the right direction }

5 of my favourite things from the last week. My appetite for visual beauty never fades, in fact I often think it's what keeps me going. I really am committed to making it a bigger influence in my life. How can I make a living by truly doing what I love and what inspires me? It's a question I often ponder. Surely there's a link between that and the reason I was put on this earth.... kind of makes sense.

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