Saturday, June 29


{ funnest image ever.... and I can't remember where I found it... sorry }

We have had a week of the dreariest weather imaginable here. Rain, rain and more rain.... and it has been heavy rain. Has lead to a little bit of cabin fever, mixed with gratitude for being able to work from home (for the most part) and therefore being able to keep warm and dry and not have to brave the elements.

I was hoping by the weekend that the sun would be shining but we've woken this morning to more grey skies. So, looks like I will continue to keep my low profile for a few more days. How I wish I had a whole season of 'Revenge' to watch.. bummer.

Tuesday, June 25

Pink Lady...

{ pink love.... love pink } 

{ nothing says fabulous more than a hot pink ball gown }

 { a pink trench is practically a wardrobe staple... must be on the look out }

 { how divine is a beautiful bunch of roses and hydrangeas soft shades of pink }

{ and last but not least, I love a boy wearing pink..... }

I used to be a blue & white girl. If anyone asked me what my favourite colour was without question I'd say blue (or more specifically, the combo of blue & white). 

Now don't get me wrong, I still loooooove blue and white - it's everywhere in my house. But more and more of late I've become a pink girl. And i love it for EVERYTHING. My clothes, boys clothes, fabrics, furnishings, flowers, drinks (think pink champagne!). And I covet all hues of my (new) favourite colour. Blush pink, musk pink, hot pink... Doesn't matter what the hue, i love you pink!

Thursday, June 20

Project complete!!

 { the final product in it's new home.  very happy }
 { the 'during' shot..... this was pretty fun and surprisingly easy! }

 { the very uninspiring 'before' shot. You can see how the legs looked pretty average }

With hundreds of ideas and projects floating around in my head on any given day I have a little problem sometimes with turning ideas into reality. Well I'm pleased to report that I have actually completed one of my grand ideas (OK, not THAT grand).... and I'm tres tres happy with the result.

I recently bought a cheap little tray table (the tray bit was really good but the legs made it look as cheap as it was!). I then discovered a thing called SUPER GOLD spray paint.  Not just any gold, this stuff shines bright like a diamond! So yesterday whilst the sun was shining I got to work. I also used a gold leaf pen to do the edging of the tray - just to tie it all in.  Wowser! This table looks totes fab (even if I do say so myself) and has left me wanting to paint everything gold!!!!

Friday, June 14

Feelin' it.....

 { it's all about that chair }

{ i think this woman might be a little cleverer* than me!! } 
*i know that's not a word!

 { that nude.... must. have. one. }

{ loving her art collection a lot of which she finds cheaply at thrift shops or does herself }

{ the little studio... i'm in love }

One little email last night single handedly lifted me out of the doldrums (no mean feat!). And it came via Houzz. Well you've scrolled through the images to get to this so you'll know by now why my heart skipped a beat.  This lovely woman has a little studio out the back (last pic) where she teaches young children how to sew. Sew cute!! And her house is an eclectic mix of furnishings many of which she has made herself. See the heart chair in the first pic (my personal fave), well, she painted those hearts. Tres tres clever. It has definately inspired me to get my craft on this weekend.

Wednesday, June 12

Still no words....

I'm in a bit of a blah at the mo. Not feeling particularly inspired, motivated or in a happy place. So, I can't offer too much other than this beautiful picture I came across today. It doesn't need words but I will say this.... I want to be there. Now.... Is that a glass of champagne beside the hammock? Looks like it to me..... WOW, I didn't think that scene could get any better but it just did.

Tuesday, June 4

Keeping it Real

{ you know where to find it.... here }

I've heard in the media over the last few weeks that bloggers are being slammed as self absorbed and egotistical. Well, I guess that's probably true of a few people, bloggers or otherwise but personally I love a good blog. For me, the world of blogging gives me the opportunity to see other people's worlds and is always full of inspiration. And the blogs that resonate with me are the ones whose writers are not only stylish and fabulous but also REAL. Case in point is Erin Gates from the Elements of Style Blog. This girl is my favourite, and I just know we'd be friends if we met in real life. Erin is going from strength to strength in her career as an interior designer and you could forgive her for having a huge ego..... but she doesn't. Recently she did a post about how she and her husband are having difficulty falling pregnant. Wow, what a relief that post was and how incredible that she shared it with her readers when I'm sure it would have been so much easier to keep it shiny and glossy and perfect. From a girl going through a similar struggle to Erin it really helped me to read that blog and know that I'm not the only one.

So, from here on in I'm going to add a bit more real into my writing. I hope that doesn't sound self absorbed or self indulgent. I also hope that some day, something that I write might just make someone smile or be a much needed piece of reassurance that despite the pretty pictures and the attempts at perfection, this blogger is just living life, struggles and all, just like everyone else.