Tuesday, October 30

Achievable Fabulousness...

{ no prizes for guessing where found this image.... click here }

You know what I love about this picture? That it looks beautiful but also feels achievable. So many houses and interiors that I drool over are over the top fabulous and therefore keeps them at a bit of a distance. But if you break this one down it all looks pretty simple. Modern fireplace (mmm, might need to re-model ours a little to get this look), bookshelf, pictures on wall in a variety of frames, big bold upholstered chair in fabulous fabric, rustic coffee table complete with some mags and flowers to make it feel more welcoming. Even the TV blends in nicely... All in all a humble design that feels cosy and warm and like I could happily enjoy a cup of tea in.... I'm off to put the kettle on x

Saturday, October 27

All Heart....

 { fluro pink baby blankie from J Crew - what's not to love? }

 { brown paper packages tied up with string..... and a bright red heart for good measure }

{ a farmer made this as a tribute to his late wife.... how divine }

{ a hand stitched heart full of love }

Hearts make me happy.... when looking around lots of the images that I collect there are certain themes. The humble heart is one of them. Who can resist little hearts, big hearts, colourful hearts, hand-stiched hearts. What can I say.... I heart them all!

Tuesday, October 23

Black & White Beauties....

 { Matthew & Kate - always look like they have fun together }
 { Dame Judi. She's a Dame for a reason }

 { I really like Nicole Richie. And I like her husband even more! }

{ This is how a Princess should look when reading a book }

There are celebrity shots and then there are "celebrity shots".... I love collecting the one's that I find to be a little more fabulous than just your everyday shoot. A little more interesting, artistic, captivating and just beautiful. Here's some of my latest favourites...Find more here...

Monday, October 22

Made me laugh!

{ originally from here }

Didn't want to give any of you a migrane but I couldn't resist this... Made me laugh out loud when I came across it earlier today - it's just pure bloody genius!

Saturday, October 20

Chicks only...

{ image found on the erin ever after blog }

Having a girly weekend with my other {real}bestie this weekend.... Gwynnie wasn't available so it will just be the two of us.... Found the above pic recently and couldn't resist its fabulousness (is that a word? It should be). I love that it feels a bit fly on the wall.... and hello?? how about the a*m*a*z*i*n*g outfits...

Friday, October 19

By Apointment to Her Majesty the Queen.... and Me!!!

{ after MUCH deliberation I decided on classic navy over the fabulous pink one's shown here }

My brand spanking gorgeous navy Hunter wellingtons are here!..... such excitement when the DHL dude arrived at my front door this morning... It was as if our dog knew just how exciting this delivery was because he was jumping and licking this guy to bits!! Better him than me I suppose! Anyhoo, the excitement was ridiculous as I unwrapped the beautiful box(complete with black grosgrain ribbon) and paraded around the house in my new Hunters. It's been really warm here today so no opportunity to wear them outside as yet so for now they are making a statement at our back door!

Wednesday, October 17

Happy Birthday!

{ Top: some pretty lilacs and what's left of my delicious cake! Below: Mum and I with the barbed wire ball! }

My lovely Mum's birthday today. We've just had a nice morning tea at my house (didn't get any great photo's unfortunately and the table looked so pretty!). I baked a cake (packet of course!) and it was really nice! (note the surprise in my tone when I write that). But my favourite present we gave my Mum was the barbed wire ball Sambo and I (with our trusty helper Gus) made last night... I'm sure it will look great in her garden (maybe a photo of that to follow down the track). Happy Birthday Mum - she really is the best Mother in the whole wide world xox

Monday, October 15

Me likey this weeky....

 { loving the pairs of everything.... totally balanced and perfect }
 { I've got just the spot for you my little persian rug }

{ people have travelling to exotic locations on their bucket list... on mine is a garden full of hydrangeas }

{ and in my garden of hydrangeas I will be wearing something like this... and sipping champagne }

Some of the images that have caught my eye this week and have found their way to my 'likes' board on pinterest... for this and more visual candy visit the whole lot here....

Friday, October 12

Rain, Wind and Pretty Pictures

 { loving a bold, statement curtain... in my favourite colour combination }

 { If I had my pick of all the big ass houses I think I'd go with something along these lines }

 { now who can resist a bright pink couch with hermes boxes waiting to be opened! }

{ wow, it even rained on the kennedy's some days! }

Well, it's rainy, windy and generally miserable here today which pre-dog I would have been most excited about (a forced day of lounging around the house)... however, with a big pooch who loves his exercise and doesn't love a forced day of lounging around the verandah he is chewing through everything in his sight - including his bed!!! Ahhh, the joys of parenthood!! Here's a round-up of some of my favourite things from this week....

Wednesday, October 10

Drum Roll.....

 { the "before" path.... ugly concrete with lots of cracks which this particular pic doesn't show }

 { concrete up only to find a heap of rubble underneath... lots of trips to the tip... not happy }

 { we have a little helper who is never far from the action/mess!! }

 { sand down, rain comes down after it!! }

 { the new path!! blending perfectly so our hedges are hero }

{ Gussy christening the new path. He's happy!! }

The new front path is finally complete... and looking good (although it is a little higher maintenance than I was expecting). A good opportunity to show some before, during and of course the big reveal... Ta daaaar!!!!

Wednesday, October 3

Make mine neon!

 { i have no idea who these lips belong to... } 

{ a whole lot of neon in the courtesy of Jason Wu } 

{ i seem to rccall this as being Rita Konig's apartment... yes? }

{ cool art.... can't remember where I found this.... sorry }

I was too young to appreciate the power of neon the first time around so I'm really giving it a whirl this time.... it's so nice to see colour that packs a serious punch in all the shops at the min. So bright, so colourful, so much fun! If fashions not your thing don't despair, why not paint a door in neon! Yeah baby!!!

Tuesday, October 2

Florals & Stripes & everything else.....

{ found this little piece of decorating inspiration via the latest issue of ivy & piper }

When coming up with my business name {florals & stripes} I really had to narrow all the things I love right down and florals & stripes seemed to have a nice ring to it. Really, I could have called it florals & stripes & spots & checks & leopard print & geometric because I love the whole damn lot.... and I love them all mixed together - see brilliant example above.  Love, love, love, love, love.... you get the picture.

Monday, October 1

Besties x

 { i need this top }

{ and this one too. and I wouldn't mind going to her hairdresser either }

{ I can see myself here..... definately }

After much consideration and analysis I've come to the conclusion that Gwyneth P and I would make highly compatible besties. The hair, the clothes, the new house in the LA, the existing house in the Hamptons, the blog... I mean really, I could go on all day. Apart from the names of her children there's really nothing not to love about the girl.