Thursday, March 31

Loving Bold Wallpaper

{ image via pinkandgreenowl }

When I get my big old house I will definately be using wallpaper as a feature in one of the rooms.  I think the spare room might be nice, or the guest bathroom - unexpected yet fun no?  Something like this that feels happy and bright all year round.  Love the white bed too. Divine.

Exhibit A = Exhibit B

{exhibit a image via lonny, exhibit b image via pretty stuff}

Maybe if I had a kitchen like exhibit A,  I'd be a little more inspired to create something like exhibit B. Or maybe I'd just spend most of the day soaking up the sun on that gorgeous bench seat... Either way, win win for me x

Wednesday, March 30

Short Stories.

I've just entered my very first short story into a competition. It's titled 'The Silver Lining'. Fingers crossed the judges like their trip into my imagination xx

Tuesday, March 29

Coolest office ever.

{was so excited when I found this image I forgot to bookmark it! }

For quite some time now I've been collecting cool little office spaces and home offices for my "inspiration file" but this one stopped me dead in my tracks and I feel like it deserves a post entirely of it's own. I'll share the others soon but in the meantime ENJOY THIS. How cool is it!!! 

Monday, March 28

A Little Obsessed... OK, A LOT!

I am currently finding myself totally obsessed with Hunter wellingtons. I want a pair d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e-l-y. Let's hope "someone" is reading this and thinks it might be a good birthday gift. Note to reader: they MUST be Hunter! Red, Green or Navy are my preferred colours (today!).

Sunday, March 27

The Bomb.

There is no other word to describe this tea other than AMAZING. I've never been a major fan of herbal teas, I'm more a milk and sugar kind of girl, but this is the exception. And it's called 'Comforting Tea'.... Just the thought of it makes it taste good. $40 a bottle does seem a little steep but I'm here to tell you that it's worth every cent.

It's cold and rainy here today.  A perfect kind of Sunday for staying indoors and pottering around. And having an afternoon nap x

Saturday, March 26

Cool + Simple

The whole point of being skinny is so you can rock this look. Jeans. White T/Singlet. Cool sunnies. Longchamp bag. Cool plait, and a bit of (simple) wrist adornment. LOVE IT.

New Find


So much fun!! A downloadable program that automatically collates your photo's into a collage. Brilliant!!! Check it out here. And it's free, as long as you keep things pretty simple, oh and don't mind having a shapecollage watermark at the bottom of your collage... Here's one I prepared earlier!

Friday, March 25

Laugh. Out. Loud.

Just came across these via and then clicked my way over to  The funniest ever!  If you're in need of a good laugh or laugh/cry as it was in my case... head over there NOW.

Thursday, March 24

It's a well known fact...

....that when you can't have something you want it even more.  Sad, but true.  So you can imagine my distress when I discovered these chocolates aptly named 'Chocolates with Attitude' in the middle of my detox.  The irony. Found here and more info here (if you can read danish)....

Tuesday, March 22

Hamptons House

{images via curbed hamptons}

This is Kelsey Grammer's house in the Hamptons. I'm not sure I think too much of him as a person but I sure do like his house.  I wonder if he needs a housesitter for when he's not in residence.

Monday, March 21

Eating foods that feel good..

{image via here}

I'm doing a detox this week. I'm long overdue for a little cleanse. Day 1 (today) is always a little hard and I've found myself thinking about food a lot.  Just came across this gorgeous yogurt which I've never seen here in Australia. Something tells me only our American cousins have the pleasure.... Enough, i'm off for some herbal tea x

Wednesday, March 16

Always Right

Found this Mercedes ad here. I would hazard a guess that a lot of the conflict our brains go through is when we're trying to be the side of our brain that is not our natural inclination. Just a thought.

Tuesday, March 15

Well I never...

{images from my new bestie Jill's spring 2011 runway collection}

Excuse my total ignorance but I've never really acknowledged Jill Sander as a fashion brand that was edgey or cool. My bad? I'm not sure, but if so let me right that wrong right now. Am totally in lust for her spring 2011 collection.

Speaking of weddings...

{image via}

Are these not the most divine bunch of flowers you have ever seen? Just looking at this picture makes me happy x

Monday, March 14

1 year on xx

Happy Anniversary to my lovely husband... we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on the weekend. Happy days. I'm excited for the next chapter xox

Thursday, March 10

Birds of a feather

{image via who  knows where}

Cute little bird houses... in need of a good home. I've got just the right place. Happy Thursday xo

Thursday, March 3


{images via}

Found this dude 'Jason Naylor' via my new find, the trendland e-newsletter. It's a welcome addition to my inbox each day and keeps me feeling cooler than what I am in real life!

Wednesday, March 2

Baby Steps....

{image via absolutely beautiful things blog}

I've been in a posting drought... inspiration felt out of reach and something that was such an everyday part of my life fell completely off my radar.  I haven't even been looking at other people's blogs. Nothing. Just blank. So today, i'm getting back on the horse. Slowly, but surely.  Thought I'd start with something simple. And pretty.