Saturday, April 28

Open House

{ our beautiful home, captured in wide angle to make it look even bigger & better than in real life! }

Well, after 18 years of living in my beautiful sunny apartment it's time for me to move on..... We're moving to our new house in the country in a few weeks and although I'm really excited to be moving to our beautiful cottage in all it's timber panelled glory (and a backyard!) I'm a little sad to be saying goodbye to my city home. I haven't even started packing yet because a) it seems like too massive a task and b) I don't want my home to not look like my home - you know what I mean. As I prepared for our Open House today it's making me even more sad because everything looks so perfect and clean and beautiful when you're preparing to show other people your house. Mmmmmm, time to suck it up and keep moving forward. The only thing to do.

Wednesday, April 25

I die!!!

 { my re-discovery of Devon Baer came via matchbook magazine then images via pinterest }

As only the great Rachel Zoe could understand I died and went to fashion heaven when I came across this designer today. I'd actually found an image of hers last Christmas but didn't dig deep enough to find out that this woman 'Devon Baer' and I are kindred spirits! Part of me loves her to bits and another part is just a tiiiiny bit jealous - ok, it's more than a tiny bit. In any case, I understand that these outfits may not be to everyone's taste but to me they are perfection ON EVERY LEVEL....

Saturday, April 21

Roller girls

{ sorry, can't remember where I got these roller girls }

Why is it so hard to do the things you love and not let the other things get in the way? After a very late finish from my "day job" yesterday I was reminded that I need to seriously apply myself to doing what I love as a way of life. No matter what. No amount of money (or whatever it is I do it for ?!?) will take me off course.I must start now.... done!

Saturday, April 14

Happy Saturday xoxo

I woke up this morning to the sun streaming through the window (forgot to close the blinds), a nice clean house and my kitty cat smack bang on top of me. Could life get any better?! With only weeks until I have to pack up my apartment of 18 years and move to my new life in the country I'm savouring every last morning that I wake up in these 4 walls that have seen some of the best and worst of me over the years. As much as I'm excited about our new adventure, I must admit I'm a bit sad and scared at the same time. There's no chance to stop.... just need to keep moving forward x

Thursday, April 12

Dotty duds

{ image via pinterest }

I mean seriously, who could resist a navy and white spotted pair of skinny leg pants! They're from J Crew which previously meant that I couldn't do any damage because they didn't ship to Australia. Well that was until last week. Ka-ching!! I know I should be saving money it's true but I really feel like I'd be a better person if I owned these pants!

Tuesday, April 10

Happy B Day to me!

Just got this cute picture via text this morning from my lovely friend Dolly. She knows I love a good pic! Nothing much planned for today - looks like this is going to be an uneventful birthday. I'm slightly depressed by the number but feel a little guilty saying that when every year on planet earth really is a blessing. Enough blabbering... off to work... x

Friday, April 6

Preppy Poster Girl

{ images found whilst cruising on pinterest! }

OMG, OMG, OMG! I love a bit of preppyness just as much as the next WASP but when I came across these images of Gywnie my heart seriously skipped a beat! I love absolutely everything about these pics. Everything. Dear Gywnie, do you want to be my best friend?

Tuesday, April 3

A thankyou pie

{ photo's of the thankyou pie taken by sambo! }

This is just too cute for words!! My hubby is currently staying at my parents house while he is doing some work near where they live. Well, last night he cooked them dinner. A chicken and mushroom pie. Nothing too "special" about that. But then he text me these pictures and I just wanted to give him a big mushy kiss. How cute is he!!

Monday, April 2

Today I ordered....

{ image via here }

...this book. It caught my eye in a magazine recently and then today I received an email with a special offer. It must be a sign!! And given that I haven't started living a "simple" (read: frugal) life as yet I decided to treat myself and buy it. I'm expecting that it will pay for itself if I apply some of its wisdom!! And it will look pretty on the bookshelf.... tres important! I promise to give a full report when the book arrives but if you're wanting to know more you can visit the blog here (ps. it's not as pretty as the book).