Saturday, April 23

Happy Easter x

{ image via here }

A day early as I'm off to the country for some much needed R&R.  Happy Easter xox

Friday, April 22

i want that hair

{ image via pinterest }

Having lost several hours today browsing pinterest I thought I'd better put my "finds" to good use.  Mary Kate or Ashley? Who knows, but i want that hair. like now.

Wednesday, April 20

Cute Couple Award

Cute outfits do not always a cute couple make. But in this case it's all just perfect. I have no idea who these people are but i thought they were so cute they deserved a post of their very own.

Tuesday, April 19

Scarf love x

{1. Sambag scarf  2. Model wearing scarf from ? 3. LV scarf 4. Anonymous 5. Hermes scarf - is there any other kind?}

If I was to start a cult it would have to involve everyone wearing scarves. And not just any scarf - fabulous scarves in fabulous ways. See above for some divine inspiration. I am a scarf lover through and through. Happy Scarf day to all devotees. Amen!

Friday, April 15


{ not sure where it came from... sorry x }

I'd found this image a while ago and labelled it 'happiness'. I don't think it needs much more of an explanation. Seems to fit perfectly for today. Happy Friday x

Thursday, April 14

Wednesday, April 13


{ image via newenglandprepster }

"Dreams are the seedlings of realities"... One of my favourite quotes (by Napoleon Hill I think). Every day I dream of what my house in the country will look like and I am constantly gathering information. If I do build a house from scratch I kind of pity the builder who will have to go through my 'inspiration' files and turn it all into a house. I hope that day is coming soon xxx

Tuesday, April 12

To someone special

{found via one of my new places to visit... here}

My very gorgeous husband just whisked me away for a night at the most beautiful hotel for my birthday... it was a very elaborate surprise with false meetings being booked for my Monday even though he had arranged for me to have the day off!! So this post is dedicated to him because he really is wonderful x

Sunday, April 10


My birthday today!! And I believe there are some surprises awaiting me.... so excited x

Saturday, April 9

Cocktail Hour

{image found somewhere in here }

When I move to the country and I have friends that are a stones throw down the road I'm re-instating 'Cocktail Hour'. It's a terrible shame that there's not more excuses to drink pretty drinks that look like this x  Happy Saturday and Long Live Cocktail Hour x

Friday, April 8

Gypsy Chic

{image via pretty stuff }

I'm definately partial to a bit of 'Gypsy' every now and then. There's nothing wrong with a little boho in your life! It feels good to be different and a little unconventional sometimes... 
Sooo.....Peace, love and happiness to all on this sunny Friday x

Thursday, April 7

Hello The Hilfigers.

Just came across the new Tommy Hilfiger video for their Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Makes me want to go on holidays with The Hilfigers x

Not in the Happy Place

{image found in the depths of this blog}

Well, this week (so far) has proved to be a bit of a rollercoaster and I feel a little like the girl in this picture.  A bit moody and grumpy and generally not really wanting to play anymore.  Just wish I had her cute outfit and chair, and the hair & make-up to be looking as perfectly pouty and chic as she is.  Unfortunately when I pull that face it doesn't have quite the same effect!

Tuesday, April 5


{image found here}

Today I'd really prefer to be sitting on this lovely verandah with a cup of tea and a good book.  A much better option than going to work in the rain.

Monday, April 4

Just because.

{ image via newenglandprepster }

No words today so just a picture that i like the look of. For no particular reason. Just because.