Tuesday, August 24

In Vogue

I've just had an old Vogue cover from the 50's framed and I'm very happy with it.  Here's a few others that deserve a spot. Happy Tuesday x

Sunday, August 22

Pretty New Things

It's been a weekend of creating new stationery for my website.  Thought I'd share some of my latest designs.  They're all available to purchase at floralsandstripes.com.  Click here to start shopping.

Saturday, August 21

Feeling like a re-vamp...

Just bought a gorgeous new lamp today at Piggott's store (my fave shop!). So excited but it's only half complete as the shade is being custom made in my chosen fabric. I've been looking through my files today for some inspiration for other pieces of furniture and artwork that I would like. Feeling the need to freshen up my house and give it a little "lift"... There's soooooooo many things I would like.

Thursday, August 19

Hurry Up Summer...

{image via dressdesigndecor blog}

I can't remember the last time I was so desperate for summer to get here.  It's been a long winter and I'm really looking forward to some sunshine. The summer fashions are all coming in, now we just need the weather to follow suit.  Hurry, hurry, hurry x

Wednesday, August 18

The Best 'Yes'

{image by Paul Costello}

One year ago today my husband asked me to marry him. It was a Tuesday night, we'd just eaten dinner and were talking about our days. He disappeared into the bedroom and came out bended on one knee and asked me to marry him. Very impromptu and very sweet. It was a big fat 'Yes' from me - the best 'yes' ever xox

Tuesday, August 17

More Mario

{all images via google}

After posting the shot of LiLo last night I found myself googling Mario Testino photo's. That turned out to be no quick assignment. After a couple of hours of browsing through some amazing images I've chosen a few of my favourites to share....

Monday, August 16

The Good Old days....

{photo by mario testino}

It's a bit of a shame that LiLo has gone a bit crazy and can't seem to get her sh*t together. Maybe I should send her my post from yesterday! This pic was clearly from better days. It's pretty cool - although I doubt Mario Testino has ever taken a bad shot...

Sunday, August 15

Note to self:

I had so many things I wanted to get done over this weekend and didn't manage to get through half of them! I don't even want to look at the list I wrote on Friday because it's a sad reminder of my high hopes!  Soooooooo much to do and the weekends just fly by. Hasn't helped that I've got a head cold and am not really sparking on all four's. Must get it together this week.

Saturday, August 14

Kooky meets Classic

Chloe Sevigny seems like a pretty kooky kind of chick but I love that her home has quite a classic feel - mixed back with a touch of "kook" of course. I've been in love with the fabric on her couches for a very long time. And I love her outfit in the 2nd pic - anything with a bow gets my vote!

Thursday, August 12

A great house.

{image via newcastlenow.org}

I believe this house was inspired by Philip Johnson's glass house in Connecticut (one of my all time fave's).  I love this house although I'm not sure I'd be very good at living in it. It's a little too minimalist for my style of decorating.  I do love all the greenery though - greenery definately makes me happy (and calm!)

Pretty Love

{image via fabulouskblog.com}

I love what this says but most of all I love how it looks.  Happy Thursday my pretties xx

Wednesday, August 11

Lovely, Clever Peeps

{picture from lucy's phone}

It's so nice to find people who love being creative and who have their own little creative "projects" that make them happy.  The lovely Lucy E shared one of her recent projects with me the other day.  She is so clever and talented (and a nice person too!!). She bought this second hand book and made it into this beautiful little creative joy that I have been busting to share. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 10

It's Twins!

{images via lonny magazine}

I looooove the idea of twin beds in a room.  The top image is Bunny Williams' house and has 2 twin DOUBLE beds!!!  The ultimate in luxury according to Bunny - and if it good enough for Mrs Williams.......  That's going straight to my "ideas for my dream home" file.  With that thought, it's off to bed pour moi.

Beautiful things

{images via ffffound.com}

In my latest search for beautiful things I came across these. I love them all but am particularly fond of the takeaway coffee cups. Why is such great packaging so hard to find?

Monday, August 9

A Weekend in the Country...

{images via google images}

I've just had a lovely weekend in the country and am finding it difficult to readjust to city living.  One day we'll live in the country full time but for now I just need to be happy with a weekend every now and then.... Happy Monday x

Thursday, August 5

Thursday dreaming...

Mmmmmm, it's still chilly here.  Far too cold to have to leave the house.  I'd like to curl up on this couch in front of the fire today... Instead, I'm off to work!

Wednesday, August 4

It's coming.....

{image via emersonmade }

I'm soooooo excited because my new website is about to launch any day now. I'm just finalising some of those pesky last minute tweaks and then we'll be pushing the site live. It's been a looooooong time coming! Watch this space for the official unveiling....

Tuesday, August 3

Tuesday Totes!

{anya hindmarsh tote}

{j crew tote}

{kate spade bon bon tote}

Some cute tote's that I've come across in my travels. My fave is the Anya Hindmarsh.

Sunday, August 1

All about stripes

{image via italian vogue}

{resse w rocking stripes in elle}

{mmm, can't remember}

{image via dressdesigndecor blog}

{image via dressdesigndecor blog}

I have been totally in love with stripes for many years. My first couch had blue and white stripes and even today I have white couches with blue & white striped RL cushions.  Stripes in fashion are a whole other obsession. My bridesmaid's dresses were striped (pink & white) but generally navy & white is my absolute fave.  A very large percentage of my wardrobe features this classic combo. And stripes are hotter than ever.  Yay!  Can't wait to go shopping this summer.