Tuesday, February 15

Hello.... I live here...

One of my favourite lines out of the Sex & the City movie (first one, not the 2nd.... let's not even go there).  So no, I don't live here..... But I think it would suit me...... very much.

Monday, February 14

Love + Loss

It's been a tough week.  We lost a very, very dear friend of ours last week. It was all very sudden and very devastating. He was only young (32) and we were looking forward to growing old together with him and his wife. Instead, it's time to say goodbye and somehow move forward. Something like this really makes you appreciate how delicate life is and how important love is. And sometimes, love hurts.

Monday, February 7

Monday Thoughts

{not sure where this is from - but it's great}

It's not that I'm really against facebook... I just find it a bit weird (except for the photo's - i like being able to see what some of my friends have been up to). And to me it's just another thing to "check". Isn't phoning, texting and emailing enough?

Saturday, February 5

The bedhead mission

{Images 1: Lonny, 2: Charlotte St Hotel, 3: Google Images}

On the hunt for a bedhead.  I'll be getting it upholstered so it's not as simple as just choosing one off the rack.  I need to decide the size, the style, shape and the most fun part - the fabric!! I've been researching online today.

Friday, February 4

Yay for Friday

{not sure where this image is from... sorry x}

Very happy it's Friday. The world's slowest week is finally drawing to a close. Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow morning and a weekend of relaxing.  Happy Friday to all xx

Wednesday, February 2

Can it only be Wednesday?

This week is dragging on... Need a little pick me up. Found inspiration in this cute outfit via ohjoy. I can now go on.

Tuesday, February 1

I'm Torn.....

Torn because as much as Scarlet Johansson shits me (i've never really understood what the fuss is about with her) I love Moet and I love this campaign shot by Photography God Tim Walker. I guess 1 negative and 2 positives nets a positive.

So Hot Right Now

{Images: Natasha Poly by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris May 2010}

We're having a heatwave in Sydney. It is damn hot. Seemed like the perfect time to showcase these pic's of Natasha Poly from Vogue Paris. Wow, if I looked like that I would never be taking my bikini off.