Saturday, July 31

Off to the Ball

{Gemma Ward for US Vogue}

{Kate Bosworth in Valentino}

{SJP in Halston}

{Stella McCartney's 2011 resort collection}

We're going to a ball tonight so I've been looking around for some "fashion" inspiration. Some of my favourites are pictured above. The one I'll be taking a litle bit of inspiration from is Gemma Ward for US Vogue. I've got an aqua floor length silk gown that I'll be teaming with my hot pink Kate Spade shoes and a hot pink silk ribbon around my wrist.  Gotta fly xx

Friday, July 30


{image via Vogue China}

For me words can't really describe how amazing this image is.  I love everything about it, but most of all it makes me long for summer. Happy Friday x

Wednesday, July 28

Nice friends

{images emailed via DJK}

Having had a pretty busy (and stressful) couple of weeks it's always nice to see a friend's name pop into your inbox amidst a sea of work one's. This week my saving grace was my lovely friend Dolly. She sent me a few really lovely (and funny) emails one of which included these beautiful flowers. Doll - this one's for you.  Thanks for being so special xx

Tuesday, July 27

Trend Alert - 'Happy Chic'

{images via glamour magazine}

I was reading over the weekend about a fashion trend called 'happy chic'.  It's basically clothes that make you happy - and are totally chic. Think spots, stripes & brights. Not really that groundbreaking - I'm pretty sure my friend Kate (Spade, that is) has been doing it for years. Nevermind.... Personally, I'm a major fan.  I can't resist anything with a bit of a spot or a stripe or a floral.  And now there's a whole trend around it!  Makes me happy just thinking about it.

Monday, July 26

Sunday, July 25

A fun new game!

I've just discovered a fun new game.  It's called "putting together a virtual moodboard of your favourite things".  For today I chose "My Dream House".  It took me hours and to be honest I could have kept going but I ran out of space (and time!). Here's the list....

1. My dream kitchen.  Love the colours, the lighting, the benchtops and most importantly those french doors.  They are an absolute must in my dream home.

2. A backyard complete with flower covered swing. I could spend hours here.

3. A chair painted in that exact shade of green.  I'd probably have to replace the dog with our cat Arthur. Both very cute! {via lonny mag}

4. Limoge - since I plan to drink lots of cups of tea in my dream house I'll be needing some fine china.  These will be for "special occasions".  Will have to relegate my Kate Spade cups to "everyday".

5. This outfit (from Woodford & Co) is what I plan to spend a lot of time in, in my dream house.  And hopefully my hair will fall just as perfectly "un-done" as hers too!

6. A Hermes blanket - OK, so this is my dream house so I thought I'd push the boundaries.  I could probably make do with the musk pink mohair rug (that I already own - & love) but this is the dream. {image from}

7. Fresh flowers in every single room. And plenty of them!

8. A David Bromley painting - I've had my eye on his paintings for a while.  It's only a matter of time (and will go "perfectly" in my dream house).

9. Love this lamp, table, chair combo.  {via WS Home}.

10. The 'Florals and Stripes' studio.  In my very own backyard so I don't have to travel to work.  OMG, the interior of it can be a whole other moodboard!!!!  When I've got a spare 3 hours!

{please note: I haven't noted the source of the photo's when I don't know where they're from.  Before I had a blog I used to collect many images without noting their source.  Please let me know if I've used an image of yours and I'll be more than happy to credit it}

Saturday, July 24

A Keeper xox

{image via }

My lovely husband went out early this morning to get some groceries while I was still in bed and he returned with the most beautiful bunch of yellow tulips which he popped in my favourite Kate Spade vase (we got for a wedding present recently) and then put them on the bedside table.  It was the perfect start to a Saturday morning.

Friday, July 23

Happy Friday xox

{image via lonny magazine }

It's been a super long week and I'm soooooooo glad that Friday is finally here.  Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and just pottering around doing nice things.  Happy Friday x

Wednesday, July 21

Busy, busy, busy

Having a bit of a crazy busy week.  Working far longer hours than I would like and feeling a bit "rushed".  Would like to escape to this room and spend the morning in bed with my book and a cup of tea. Although, I'd probably be better off on a big comfy chair next to the bed so I could admire it rather than messing it up!!

Tuesday, July 20

The Zebra

I've been fascinated with Zebra's for a little while now so I did a bit of googling on them and this is what I found....

When the Zebra comes into your life, change is signified in one or more areas of your life and hidden knowledge will be uncovered. Stand strong, develop trust and simply flow with the rhythm of a new creation.

Zebra energy will help you to take the apparently conflicting parts of your personality and weave them into a pattern which is unique, distinctive and beautiful.  As a Zebra, the artist within you can live in harmony with the businessperson, the spiritual explorer with the secular decision-maker, the dreamer with the practical goal-setter, neither overpowering the other, each retaining its place of importance and full expression. The Zebra will teach you to honor the black and white sides of yourself without compromising yourself into a dull gray.

The Zebra will also teach you how to seek out others who are like you, finding comfort and company in groups, while maintaining your own unique identity, your pattern of stripes like a fingerprint, unlike any other. This combination of individuality within community will be a very powerful force in your life.

The Zebra energy is also the energy of physical health, long life and great stamina. Breathe in this vital source of very real physical power. Feel how you are capable of running across the plains for hour after hour, each step filling you with vibrant earth energy, so that the more you exercise, the more energized you become. Then just kick up your heels with joy, for you are the Zebra, vital and alive. How fortunate you are!

Sunday, July 18

Creative Work Spaces

{ my inspiration board at home }

{ image via country living magazine }

{ image via pink wallpaper blog }

{i should know where this from but I don't ~ sorry x}

I love looking at other people's work spaces.  You can tell so much about a person just by looking at what they surround themselves with.  Here's a look into a few that I've found in my online travels. Oh, and I've included my very own inspiration board from my spare room/office at home.  I usually update mine about every 6 months or so but I've had this one a lot longer because I still love looking at it and I can't bear to take any of the pictures down.  I might need to make it bigger instead!

Saturday, July 17

Happy Weekend!

Really looking forward to this weekend.  We're off to the country for some R&R.  

Friday, July 16

Thursday, July 15

Just because...

Love this picture..... Just because. {ps. not sure where it's from. sorry x}

Pretty Please

I just want J Crew to come to Australia. Or at the very least they could ship here so we could buy online. That would be nice although I must say I do like to try before I buy. But if not for me at least they could do it for the kiddies - how CUTE are they!!!  Pretty please J Crew - share the love with us soon. {all images from my ridiculously comprehensive J Crew archive}

Wednesday, July 14

Illustration Love xox

Found these cool illustrations at miss capricho. I would love to be able to draw/paint/illustrate but it seems that it's a talent I just don't have!  Guess I'll stick to designing and admiring the talents of others.  Happy Wednesday xox

Tuesday, July 13

Country Cottage

{not sure where this is from}

{image via}

{image via backyard cabins}

{image via the garden room company}

I'm putting together a little portfolio of inspiration for my very own country cabin. I even started scouring the internet over the weekend for blocks of land. Something simple and cosy that we can escape to for the weekend and breath some country air. I will be making this happen.  One day.

Monday, July 12

Wish List

Has been on my wish list FOREVER!  The Hermes cape cod watch.  Too divine for words.  Better keep saving (and saving, and saving) xox

Sunday, July 11

A little cottage with a story

{the finished cottage. Sandra and her husband}

{a work in progress}

{the interior - a shabby chic paradise}

{the trailer where Sandra and her husband live}

I came across this story during the week and fell in love with the whole idea of it.  This lady and her husband live in a trailer in the catskills (on what looks like a beautiful property). They don't have much - she works 2 jobs to support them because he's had a couple of unlucky business ventures. It was her dream to create a beautiful sanctuary where she could escape to. She did it all herself. It took her many years to save up so she could renovate and furnish this gorgeous little cottage and it only cost her $3,000.  It's amazing.  Read the full article here

Saturday, July 10

My kinda camping!

{images via }
I'm not much of a camping type but when I stumbled across these shots yesterday I wondered if I just might give it a chance. This kind of camping even has a name - "Glamping"  I love it! Now just throw in some guaranteed beautiful weather and an ensuite and I'm there!

Thursday, July 8

Some days dreams end...

{image via pink wallpaper blog}

Tonight I watched Masterchef and the favourite in the competition (Marion) was eliminated.  I shed a little tear for her.  She was the favourite for a reason and clearly cooking is her passion and her dream was to win this competition.  Masterchef has totally sucked me in for the 2nd season.  Not because I'm passionate about cooking (in fact, completely the opposite) but because I'm 100% inspired by the people who want to change their lives and decide to follow their hearts and dreams. I love that people are doing just that, and each time one of them gets eliminated it's totally heart wrenching.  My wish for them is that they find the strength to follow their path and they continue to live their dreams long after they leave the competition. Sometimes it's not easy but I'm sure it's definately worth it.  After all, everything happens for a reason xox

Beautiful Business Cards

Just a few little examples of some absolutely beautiful business cards.  I design lots of business cards for people so I'm constantly looking for inspiration.  I think I've officially found it!! {images via }

Wednesday, July 7

Love Paul Costello

Love his work. Love his website. If you've got a spare 5 minutes and you want to look at some cool photography check it out.