Monday, July 22

Resignations, Rainbows & flying like an Eagle

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It's been a big few days. At the end of last week I resigned from my "day" job (the one that called for the 'anti-bad vibe' shield) and immediately I felt like a weight had been lifted. Driving back to my country abode the following morning I was greeted with a rainbow. I have long felt that rainbows hold special messages, so to say that I saw that rainbow as a positive omen is an understatement.

And then over the weekend I looked up my star sign 'week ahead' (courtesy of Jonathan Cainer), and this is what I got:

You now seem to be slipping into your own future at some speed. Many things that you once dreamed of and once planned for are starting to happen. Yet you also face other factors that you never expected to have to contend with. This week, under the Harmonic Convergence, you can't escape all that in the twinkling of an eye, but you can start a process that eventually leads to a joyous liberation. You may yet fly like an eagle!

Things are looking good...

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