Monday, December 19

Dear Elephants

{ images via herehere & here }

Am finding myself totally drawn to elephants of late. It all started when I watched 'Water for Elephants' a few weeks back. Well, actually it started with some silk Jim Thompson cushions I picked up (for a steal!) earlier this year. Elephants seem such beautiful, gentle creatures and I love how they dress them up with elaborate trimmings. So regal.

Sunday, December 18


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Only 1 week until Santa comes and I haven't even posted anything Christmas related. Shame on me! So here are a couple of my favourite images. Happy Christmas xox

Tuesday, December 13

Colour Combo

{ images via pinterest }

Loving an eggshell blue and watermelon combo. So pretty and serene... Just breathe.....

Monday, December 12

Pretty + Yummy

Now who would have thought that I would EVER post a recipe on my blog. Well, not me that's for sure. But I couldn't resist this one... not only does this salad look perfectly delicious, have a go at the art direction of this page..... has definately whet this little bloggers appetite. Check out more art direction perfection (& lots of goodies) in the latest issue of Adore magazine

Sunday, December 11

Mystery Box

 { image via nantucketyouth }

Today a good friend of mine dropped in a box that had been dropped at her house from an ex boyfriend of mine (from a looong time ago) asking her to deliver it to me. I must say I was impressed after such a long time that he bothered to send it back and not just dump it. Anyhoo, inside was an old watch of my Dad's - has long since stopped working but it has the most beautiful flat face. The watch strap is past it so I'm going to breathe some new life into it via a grosgrain strap. Perfect!

Thursday, December 8

Tis the season to be....

{ images from here and here }

cold??  When did this happen??  Apparently not for the last 50 years, so not in my lifetime. December in Australia should be warm and balmy and festive.... winter is finally over and it's time to celebrate.  Not. This. Year.

Saturday, December 3

Pretty Summer Dresses

{unfortunately the tumblr page image 1&2 are from no longer exists but image 3 is via newenglandprepster }

I've had these dresses sitting in my files for the longest time and have been busting to use them but it didn't seem right until summer was here.  Well, summer is here, the temperature isn't really behaving itself at the moment but I can hold off no longer..... wish I had them all.

Thursday, December 1

Happy 1st December!!!

{ image via caitlin wilson textiles.  divine cushions! }

December means sunshine (although the weather man apparently didn't get the memo today), holidays (in desperate need of a break!) and my favourite....... Christmas!! I haven't done my Christmas decorations or bought a single Christmas present as yet but will get started on both this weekend.... Happy 1st December xxx