Thursday, December 23

Favourite Christmas Cottage

{ image via william sonoma - i think }

I'm not sure I'd really want tartan couches the whole year round but this is definately how I'd love to decorate a Christmas room. Doesn't it look just perfect... I can almost smell the cinnamon sticks x

Wednesday, December 22

Santa Came Early x

A very exciting day as today marks the beginning of my photography adventure - who knows where it will lead me but I've got a feeling it's going to be good.  My new camera arrived today - just in time to capture some memorable Christmas moments. Yay!

Dear Diary..... Why so Blue?

Because Blue is my favourite, favourite, favourite (closely followed by pink of course!).  The Blue & White combo has always been a classic combo and I love it.  Makes me feel calm and happy. Ralph Lauren has been doing it for years and he does no wrong!
Here's the wishlist:

1. Bombay Sapphire - perfect with some Tiro sparkling pink grapefruit juice & a slice of lime!

2. Bensimon sneakers - too cute!

3. Herend Porcelain - have been in love for years. Don't own a piece as yet so if Santa's reading this you can get pieces from Hardy Brothers!

4. Lamp/Ginger Jar - courtesy of Oliveaux.  Check out their blog here.

5. Thomas Paul dessert plate - who can resist a gingham check!

6. Hermes bracelet - need I say more!

7. Thomas Paul crab bag - OK, anything from TP would be good!

8. Cath Kidston make-up bag - so cute and anything with a spot gets my vote.

9. Kate Spade skirt - love KS and love bows - killer combo.

10. Aquamarine & Diamond ring - a wishlist wouldn't be complete without a bit of sparkle!!

11. Tiffany Blue Box - to house the sparkle and just the box is a gift in itself.

Tuesday, December 21

Cowboy hat for Christmas anyone?

Yes please. I've been eyeing these Juliet Horsley hats off for a while now (OK, years).  It's not really a "need" so I guess that officially makes it a "want". 4 more sleeps until Santa peeps x

Saturday, December 18

Wrap it up...

{images 1 & 2 via art as life and image 3 via}

It's nearly time to start wrapping.... everyone knows that the wrapping is just as important as the gift... don't they??  Well mine is.. and sometimes the wrapping is part of the gift.  Given I haven't even started wrapping as yet (i'm still in the buying phase) I'm sharing some inspiration I found via the 'art as life' blog.

Friday, December 17

A Creative Christmas

{image 1 via etsy haru, image 2 & 3 via dandi blog}

Getting right into the festive season now... only 8 more sleeps until Santa comes.  To me, one of the best things about Christmas is hanging beautiful wreaths on your front door (or somewhere inside).  Here's some clever DIY wreaths that I discovered in my online travels. Happy Christmas peeps x

Thursday, December 16

A Chrissie Present for the boys

{buy it at}

Aren't all boys into motorbikes?  Mine is.  Just stumbled across this calendar whilst doing a bit of online browsing/shopping. This looks like a great calendar - beautifully shot and nice typography making it a boy present that I actually wouldn't mind having on display.  Win, Win.  Only drama is that it's produced overseas and therefore may not make it to our sunny shores in time for the man in the big red suit to deliver.... Bummer - found it a little too late....

Wednesday, December 15

Quote of the Week

"Style is knowing who you are and what works for you"  Frank Mutyjens
Who better to bring this quote to life than SJP.... or Carrie Bradshaw as the case may be.

Picture Perfect Polly

{image by polly wreford}

The above photograph was taken by Polly Wreford.  Having just viewed her portfolio I'm not really surprised to find out that she is also responsible for a few other photo's I've saved over the years as the style of photographs I'd love to take.  Polly - you're (one of) my hero's. Hope I'm as good as you someday....

Cartier ad's rock....

{images via google}

The only thing better than these ad's here on this screen are when you see them in all their glossy glory in print.  The Sydney Magazine had one last week on it's back cover. An oversized mag in full gloss.  Love, Love..... love,love,love...

Love Louis V

 {images via LV}

I love the mood of these LV pic's. Very cool, very sixties, very fun. Happy hump day to all x

Tuesday, December 14


There were 3 things that I remembered when I came across this picture. 1. That I love beach umbrellas (especially striped ones! Are there any other kind!). 2. That I love polaroid pictures and 3. That I love summer. The end.

Obsessed with...

{images 1 & 2 via, images 3 & 4 are from}

photography.... I'm looking to buy a new camera so I can get a little more "professional" with my photo taking. Natural, candid, happy shots to capture everyday moments. My camera search has taken me to some pretty cool photography blogs. Above are just a few of my favourites...

Friday, December 3

The Finders Keepers Market

is on this weekend...... I don't have a stall (i probably should have.... maybe next year) but in any case it's full of up and coming talent in the design world. Just look at their cool promo poster. Me likey....  It's being held at CarriageWorks in Eveleigh.  Worth a trip for some Christmas gifts you won't find in the shops xox

It's beginning to look a lot like...

This weeks big discovery.  Rue magazine.  Un-real. Loved every page.  I thought I'd share one of the Christmas rooms because i thought it was a*m*a*z*i*n*g!! It definately has me dreaming of a white Christmas.

Wednesday, December 1


{image found at }

It seems the weather is a little confused.  It's the first day of summer and it's raining, windy and generally miserable. So here's a little bit of visual sunshine.  Some beautiful peonies and roses - a classic combo and a summer favourite.  Happy 1st December to all xox