Thursday, June 30

what if....

'What if' is a little scary and sometimes I spend a little too much time going down this road. We all make mistakes, we'd all do things a little differently sometimes and we all have choices to make that will change our path. The answers are within. Trust yourself. Then jump.

Friday, June 24

Confetti makes me happy x

{ images via }

I like to think i'm a simple creature at heart (well, sometimes). Take for instance when i bought a packet of confetti earlier this week to put some into a friend's birthday card before I popped it in the post. That $2 box of confetti bought a smile to my face the likes of a child discovering fairy floss for the first time! Excitement levels were fever pitch.  You can imagine therefore my delight when I found this website  Some of their work is shown in the piccies above. Imagine THAT being your full time job.... x

Wednesday, June 22

A serious addiction

My new addiction is Tumblr - it's serious. There are sooooo many cool images and my files are getting fuller by the minute. Might be time to update my ram. Here's a few to whet the appetite but rest assured there's plenty more where these came from! x

Tuesday, June 21

Is it Friday yet?

{ image via }

It took every ounce of strength to get myself out of bed this morning. I wanted to stay there more than anything in the world. I hate to wish my life away but I really am looking forward to the weekend and a nice little lie in x

Monday, June 20

Hello Monday...

{ via gallery ecosse }

I could really do with an extra day.  Just another 'home day' to potter around, drink cups of tea and totally waste a day looking at blogs, tumblr & pinterest. Soooo much inspiration, soooo little time. I spent the best part of the weekend losing myself online - gathering, gathering, gathering and now my head is full of inspiration to put into action.

Sunday, June 19

OK, I hear you...

{images via google & ruffles and pleats tumblr}

I believe in "signs".  There's just been too many in my lifetime to ignore so I now really try to take notice. A couple of times lately I've come across how important it is to laugh and although I consider myself a 'happy' person I also think I sometimes take things a little too seriously. So this week, i'm going to try and laugh more. It can't hurt.

Saturday, June 18

A Work of Art

{it's by Tony DiSpigna but I found it here}

In my search for inspiration on what to post today I came across this wonder of creation.  It stopped me in my tracks. A*M*A*Z*I*N*G. Some people really do get all the clever genes!

Thursday, June 16

Pearl of Wisdom

{ via here }

I've learnt that you can find fault in just about anything if that is what you wish to see. Instead, look for the good and surround yourself with beautiful things x

Well, it's settled!!

Our new house that is!!  We are now the proud home owners of this gorgeous cottage in the country.  We're not moving there straight away but we're getting closer!  I can't wait to move in and start decorating. Our first home. So excited.... x

Tuesday, June 14

Loving.... The Kennedys

{images via google}

I've just finished watching part 4 of The Kennedy's Mini Series and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. It was gripping and I just wanted to see more & more. So much tragedy in that family and the movie was a real insight into their world. Loved Greg Kinnear as JFK and Barry Pepper as Bobby. Katie Holmes grew on me by the end of the series and I must say I thought she was pretty good as Jackie.

Friday, June 10

Quilt Love

I have been obsessed with quilts for the longest time and yet I don't own one. It's a fine line between cosy chic and cosy naff with the quilt. I love the one above and when I move to the country I will have to invest. I'd love to make one myself but I'm not sure I have the patience OR the precision. Maybe one day....

Wednesday, June 8

Winter Rooms

{ images via 1. pinkwallpaper blog & 2. elements of style blog }

These rooms are my 2 top picks of places I'd like to escape to this winter.... It's getting super cold outside and really the only thing to do is relax with a glass of wine in front of the fire in a fabulous room x

Monday, June 6

Happy Monday

{ image by bob o'connor }

 Loving this pic sent to me via my new find If you've got a few hours to lose may I suggest you check it out for yourself. Almost makes me want to pick up that DSLR camera I bought for Christmas and have used about twice x

Friday, June 3

Here comes the bride

I'm off to a wedding today.  Nice because it's a Friday so that also means I've got a long weekend. My favourite kind. Happy Friday to all xx

Wednesday, June 1

The Good News

{image via pottery barn}

Pottery Barn is about to start shipping to Australia (and other countries) as of mid June. Yay! I've been busy picking out some sconces that you just can't find in Australia for my new bathroom. Turns out June isn't such a bad month after all x

1st Day of Winter

{ image kate spade ad }

Happy 1st June and for all of us on the Southern Hemisphere Happy 1st day of winter.  Not my favourite time of year. It's been so cold and rainy this week that my desire to get out of bed has been seriously lacking.