Wednesday, June 30

The Happy Place

It's been a little bit freezing in Sydney the last couple of days and although the sun is beautiful and warm there is a chill in the air.  Would like to escape to this happy place today. 

Sunday, June 27

Afternoon Napping

One of my favourite things to do on the weekends.  Some light reading followed by a little nap in this room sounds just perfect.  Zzzzzzz
{Image via country living magazine}

Saturday, June 26

My Hero

To say that I'm a massive fan of Kate Spade's would be a total understatement.  I love, love, love her designs and hope that my range of stationery brings a smile to peoples faces in the same way everything she does brings to mine.
Look at this picture wall from one of her stores.  Absolute perfection!
{Image via delight by design blog}

Friday, June 25

Wednesday, June 23

A few of my favourite things

{photo by me! }

{not sure where I got this one. sorry x }

Am totally obsessed with stripes.  Always have been and I guess I always will.  Am also loving the zebra rug.  Reminds me of my zebra thankyou card!  Happy Wednesday everyone xox

Monday, June 21

Follow Your Bliss...

I had a conversation today about 'passions'.  The things that really make our hearts tick, our souls sing.  So often we don't listen and we get sidetracked on to different paths. And sometimes it's hard to get back on track.  Well, here's to getting back on track, to listening to our gut, and following your bliss. Yay!

Sunday, June 20

Here we go!

Very excited to launch my florals and stripes blog.  I was hoping my website would be ready by now but we're still a few days away.  Watch this space. It's coming very soon.....