Sunday, September 30

Coke addict....

{ you can find the original source here }

I recently had to confess to my dentist that I was something of a coke addict... could explain why I need some fillings..... anyhoo, nothing serious, I'm not like a can a day (but I would if I could). I just love the stuff.... and when I came across the floral variety I couldn't resist outing myself again!

Saturday, September 29

Tulip time...

{ I got this image from this blog..... a very long time ago }

Of course there's Floriade in Canberra but a little closer to home we have our own tulip celebration. The Highlands are high on tulip love at the min.... I'm planning to go to "the dig" at the end of the flourish and get some for our garden so this time next year I will only have to walk out the back door to experience a tulip frenzy of my very own... well that's the plan.

Thursday, September 27

We're more relaxed here...

{ this picture is no indication whatsover of what our path will look like but I have always loved this }

We're re-doing our path that leads from the front gate to the verandah... the main entrance into our house. Now usually I have a set idea of "the look" I'm trying to achieve (generally found via pinterest) and it's just a matter of executing... but not this time. I have really struggled. Do we want it paved or pebbled? Should we do pavers AND pebbles?..... and what is the best colour. It needs to look good but not stand out... it's not really a feature path more  one that should blend..... you can see my dilemma!! For the last few days I have visited every paver place and sand & gravel pit in the Southern Highlands to get lots of samples to help me make my mind up. Now, this is not a big $$ job (from their perspective), but the thing that has struck me is how helpful everyone has been. We're talking guys who work in gravel pits who probably don't care whether my path blends into the landscape. However, they have all been so pleasant and helpful. And today when I rang to {finally} order the pavers the guy on the other end of the phone couldn't have been nicer. I got their bank details so I could pay my deposit and politely asked if he needed me to email a receipt through so they knew for sure that I'd made the deposit prior to them placing the order. Do you know what he said?  "No love, that's fine, we're more relaxed down here"...... I apologised, explaining I was new to country life and was used to having to jump through all kinds of hoops in the city before an order was placed. Wow, it feels good to be more relaxed...

Tuesday, September 25

My Top 3

 { I'm not usually one for food but who could resist a tuna nicoise baguette so perfectly styled! }

 { a beautiful hallway complete with sconces leading to a focal point of a fireplace. Nice... }

 { Adorable.... matching prints on dress and go-cart.... ridiculously cute }

Thought I'd share a Top 3 of what I've recently pinned on Pinterest. After at least 6 months of Pinterest I'm still totally addicted and it doesn't look like waning anytime soon. Such a visual feast and keeps me inspired on a daily (ok hourly), basis. To check out more of what I've pinned of late, click here.....

Thursday, September 20

Looking good....

We got our new caesarstone benchtops installed yesterday and might I just say that I'm pretty damn impressed. After lots of umming and arrring over the colour I'm really happy with the one we chose and the kitchen just looks soooooo good (and clean)! I definately need to get something up on that back wall...

Tuesday, September 18

Seriously cute...

{ image from my mini cute board on pinterest... find it here }

I really don't think I need to write anything today (kind of good because I've got nothin!)..... And in any case this pic speaks for itself.... soooooooo adorable!

Monday, September 17

The most classic

{ 1. from Oscar de La Renta's Spring 2013 collection 2. via One Kings Lane 3. via }

Don't get me wrong, I love my pinks & greens as much as the next prep but for an all time classic you really can't go past navy. Or some navy & white perhaps? Such a chic, classic combo. I've recently painted our floor to ceiling wardrobes a crisp white but I'm seriously considering changing to navy. I think it might just add a little sophistication to the room and will go perfectly with our navy checked doona.

Wednesday, September 12

Good idea!

{ there's an interview with the sisters that make this cool stuff here }

A simple idea for improving your relationships... with your husband, your bestie's or your clients even. I'm going to give it a go.... must tell everyone that they need to be excellent back!

Tuesday, September 11

It's a fine line....

{ top image from here and 2nd image from the new witchery blog  }

I hear that Pyjama dressing is a 'key trend' at the minute. Now normally I'd be the first to jump on the bandwagon. In theory it's right up my alley..... however, having done a little more investigating online something tells me that they're taking it a little too literally. Which might be well and good if I was strolling the streets of Paris or New York but in downtown Bundanoon wearing what looks like PJ's could get me locked up - even if they are Ralph Lauren!!

Monday, September 10

So doing this....

{ image came from here }

The weather well and truly took a turn for summer today.... and so did my thoughts of balmy evenings with friends gathered for some casual backyard barbies... candles lit, fresh flowers on the table, drinks in hand and the sounds of nature gently humming in the background.... The nights are still pretty chilly here so we're a little way off but it can't hurt to dream..... This picture looks beautiful in a relaxed and easy way - I will definately be re-creating something similar in a couple of months time.

Saturday, September 8

Sunny Disposition....

{ found this cuteness here }

The sun is shining, it's Saturday and I'm feeling pretty happy and content with my lot in life. Cruising around blog world this morning I came across this image and it made me smile. I think Gus and I could be added to this pic without any problems! 

Friday, September 7

Happy Friday x

{ find it here }

It's windy enough to blow a dog off a chain here today (now I live in the country I can say things like that!), but it's Friday and that makes me VERY happy! Looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and some quality time with JT and Mila Kunis - just bought the 'Friends with Benefits' DVD... better book me in some couch time. Happy Friday friends xox

Thursday, September 6

Kitchen Art

As our kitchen renovation comes to a close (finally!) it's time to think about what to put up on the walls. I came across this pic in my files today (i didn't even remember having it) and it does seem kind of perfect. I love old-fashioned botanical prints - this one came from Anthropolgie (not here in Australia and they probably don't have it anymore anyway). Will have to keep my eyes open for something similar locally.

Wednesday, September 5

City v. Country

{ my very own happy snaps }

Country hospitality is something you read about and having lived in the city for most of my life I didn't really ever experience first hand... until yesterday... (well, that's not exactly true, the last few months have seen quite a lot of it). 

However, yesterday I was first greeted at the door by my Mum who had picked me a beautiful bunch of flowers from her garden. Then, later that day a friend of my Mum's arrived with a freshly baked apple pie (she was trying to use up some apples before she went away this weekend!) and another beautiful bunch of flowers fresh from her garden! For no reason, just because. I have mentally filed this experience as yet another reason why  the country wins hands down over the city and why I don't believe I will ever go back.

Tuesday, September 4


{ image from here }

Spring is finally here (yay!).... it's been a loooong winter for us having moved to sub-zero temperatures so I'm up for a Spring celebration. We've already had a couple of sunny days and it really does put a spring in one's step!! I'm ready to celebrate.