Wednesday, November 30

Hello Yellow!!

1. I started this moodboard a very long time ago so am struggling to remember where all the images are from. I think this one might be Oscar De La Rent.... or was it Roberto Cavalli ?????

2. Yellow wedding booklets. Really simple yet chic. Note to self to use yellow more in my stationery.

3. Just a happy, fun, summery image. Love.

4. Yellow stripe + sundress by Kate Spade. Perfection.

5. A cute illustration. Forget who this one is by. Forgive me.

6. Ahh Giorgio. I still love your yellow & white striped ribbon but I'm afraid your fragrance may be a little old hat. shame x

7. If I had a boat I would be tempted to upholster with yellow & white stripes. I believe Ikea has a very similar fabric. Maybe I'll do a deck chair instead.

8. A "statement" oversized leather bag. The perfect summer accessory.

9. Carolyn Murphy rocking those yellow pants. I love her.

10. Yellow polka dot J Crew cardi. I hear a whisper that J Crew will soon be shipping to Australia. Please don't keep us waiting much longer!

11. Another classic J Crew image. It's all about the yellow tulips for me... one of my faves.

12. Jackie in all her Martha's Vineyard glory with her simple yellow & white gingham shift dress. Love. Love. Double love x

Saturday, November 26


{ image 1. via adore magazine and 2. via the american legacy tumblr }

I don't know about you but these two images make me feel calm and happy. The colours are serene, everything is perfectly in its place and it's screaming 'come and relax'.... Mmmmmm, with a rainy, miserable and cold Spring day here in Sydney relaxing seems like the only thing to do... Happy Saturday x

Thursday, November 24

It's just a matter of time...

 { found via david airey's email newsletter. visit his site here }

I was just having a conversation yesterday about this. You know sometimes (usually at work) you get thrown something that seems pretty damn complicated at the outset and you wonder how on earth you're going to be able to 1. make sense of it and 2. make it happen. Happens to me all the time but for the most part somehow it gets done and we move on to the next thing....

A mini milestone

At the beginning of the year I read a book that I couldn't put down. It was about a british woman who lost her husband (whilst 5 months pregnant) in the September 11 terrorist attacks. I was so touched by her story that I wrote to her. And she replied! I was really excited that she took the time to respond in person.... but not as excited as I was this week when I found out that my letter had made it into the new edition of her book that has been re-released to mark the 10 year anniversary of the attacks. When I was contacted this week by a friend reading the book who read my letter and immediately text me to tell me the news I was pretty chuffed and kind of felt like I'd ticked something off my bucket list.....something that I didn't really even know was on it! Very cool.

Tuesday, November 22

Bring in the big guns

{ image via my of my favourite happy places. here. }

So far this week I'm feeling "blah", no doubt looking "blah" and generally am not in a happy place. Not much is putting a smile on my dial..... until this..... what's not to love about a highly adorned and beautifully illustrated pink elephant. Delightful! xx

Saturday, November 19

Dinner party inspiration

{ all images from this lovely blog }

Another thing I'm looking forward to about having a house is entertaining and in particular throwing dinner parties. I came across these images at a new blog I discovered this week and was totally inspired to create something similar. Give me time and I might just post my version.... 

Friday, November 18

Bloomers are back

{ i believe this image originally came from the sartorialist }

I love this picture just because it's a pretty cool picture but what I'm going nuts over are her bloomers. How cool are they!! Where do I get me some of those????

Thursday, November 17

Navy is my new white....

{ image via here }

I used to be a white girl... still am really.... but then I got a husband... and a cat..... now white is more like off yellow and definately not so chic.... especially on a couch. So i'm moving on to navy. Seems like the only thing to do really. It's a compromise but a necessity. I must say I wasn't filled with joy initially (white is so crisp and pure and calming) but when I came across these pic's from Black & Sprio navy and I bonded on a whole new level. Don't you just love it. So practical yet chic and I can still have a pop of colour (and white) in my cushions!!

Wednesday, November 16

Fashion + Illustration = LOVE

{ images first discovered in ivy and piper magazine }

Just flicked through the latest issue of Ivy & Piper magazine (love!) and the first (of many) articles that made my heart skip a beat were these fashion illustrations but Inslee Haynes. Check out her blog here for more inspiration.

Tuesday, November 15

I can't decide....

 {image via prettystuff tumblr }

{ image from here }

Ever find an image that you like but there's something that also feels a bit wrong? Well i've been looking at these images for a few weeks and there's part of me that loves them but there's also something that makes me feel like there's something a little bit wrong about them........ Can't put my finger on it but I do know that I love that pink in the first image and the colourful cushions in the bottom one....

Wednesday, November 9


{ found at designworklife }

No great story to tell here I just liked this image being a lover of all things blue & white... and the little cupcake crossbone teabag kind of floated my boat too.  Happy hump day!

Tuesday, November 8

So many things to love...

{ can't remember where I got this image from...... probably pinterest! }

There is lots to love about this kitchen but my favourite thing is the little desk complete with lamp and flowers near the fridge. Now something like that would make me much fonder of spending time in the kitchen!

Friday, November 4

Flashy Friday...

{ click on it for the flashing effect. It doesn't just appear. doh! }
Doing a little test to see if this flashes like it's suppose to.  I found it on and it made me happy. Enjoy x

Friday.... finally

{ image found here }

It's been a loooong week. So happy it's Friday - and what better to celebrate than some pink frills and Paris. This dress is incredible and I would love, love, love to try it on! Never gonna happen I know!

Thursday, November 3

Neck Candy

{ images found whilst trawling the shillington blog }

Such cute necklaces and I love how they're displayed on the watercolour background. Check out this girl's online shop here. I think these would make the perfect Christmas gift... think I might have to put in an order for myself too!

Tuesday, November 1

B&W plus Red

{ image via one of my all time favourite blogs - elements of style }

There is something really striking about this colour combo and I absolutely love it! So far this gets 'pick of the week'. 


{ not sure where image 1 is from, image 2 is from strongbuild }

Am looking for some garden inspiration and came across this gorgeous cottage garden. Love the stepping stones. And then this little barn. Not so much about the garden but I'm totally in love with the colour of that building and those barn doors.