Monday, January 31

Monday Inspiration

I've just finished a book that had a big impact on me. It's the true story of a woman who lost her husband on September Eleven. She was 7 months pregnant at the time. Her story is truly amazing. She was living with such enormous grief but at the same time she made a choice to change her life completely and as she puts it "to be truly who I am and to live the life I want to live". Even that doesn't do the story justice. It is a certainly not a light read but I couldn't put it down.  It's by Elizabeth Turner and is called 'The Blue Skies of Autumn'.

Friday, January 28

Friday = Fashion Legend

{images from various sites via google images & lauren's website}

Drum roll for Lauren Hutton. I stumbled across a couple of pic's of Lauren from her heyday earlier this week and before I knew it I'd spent the next hour googling pic's of Lauren Hutton.  Old or Young she is absolutely stunning - one of those women that just keeps getting better with age. Forget ageing gracefully, she's ageing fabulously x  Check out her website here. Reading about her life she is so much more than just a pretty face.

Thursday, January 27

I'm dreaming of....

a house in the country..... I'm in "moodboard mode" at the moment so have been going through all my files to find my favourite rooms and decorating inspiration.  Here's a few of my favourites (am obsessed with panelled doors and windows).

Wednesday, January 26

Happy Australia Day!

{image via google}

I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, her beauty and her terror, the wide brown land for me.  (from 'My Country' by Dorothea Mackellar)

Monday, January 24

Monday Thoughts

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I've decided to start Monday's from now on with a quote or a thought.... Some will be inspiring, some will just be statements.  Today's is exactly how I feel....

Thursday, January 20

A new discovery

A new little art gallery has opened in Exeter (near Bowral).  The perfect setting to house some beautiful artworks.  My latest discovery is artist Julian Meagher.  I'm slightly obsessed with his skull painting. Check out the gallery here.

Wednesday, January 19

Can somebody please explain?

This dress is the equivalent of red roses and baby's breath on Valentines Day

One word - boring

Halle - we know you've got good legs but no need to look cheap whilst showing them off

Even Heidi didn't get it right this year

no comment

Forget about the dress.  I can't get past the hair.

Why the red carpet at the Golden Globes was sooooooooo disappointing.  I mean really, it was just one bad dress after another.  Even the highlights were really just the best of a bad bunch. How could so many stars and their stylists get it so wrong?? Very disappointing.  So, above are some of the disasters (I could have gone on) and below are what "real" Golden Globes dresses should look like - from memories past.

Now that's what I call a  Golden Globes dress

My all time favourtie. Love EVERYTHING about it.

Absolutely stunning. That's how you show off a good body.

Monday, January 17


{images via}

It was all going so well.  The new year's resolution of spending less and saving more. Until yesterday.  I innocently walked into one of my favourite homewares stores (whilst out to get groceries) and as I was purchasing some "discounted" Christmas decorations I spotted the watch the lady serving me had on.  Next thing I know I'm back at home and online, googling 'Triwa watches'. I haven't purchased yet but let's face it, it's only a matter of time (pun intended) xx

Sunday, January 16

Boden New Season

{images via}

These cute pic's just arrived via my inbox a few days ago announcing Boden's new season collection.  Given they don't ship to Australia I just have to admire their prettiness from afar.

Saturday, January 15

The Perfect Party x

Doesn't this look like the perfect setting for a party. love it. happy weekend x

Thursday, January 13

Sending a message of support x

{image via}

The Queensland floods have been completely devastating.  Every news channel, website and newspaper has one shocking image of the floods and heartbreaking story after the next.  There are still a number of missing people and I can't even bear to think what's happened to so many beautiful family pets. It's a good time to remember that miracles do happen, and that with all the sadness comes stories of triumph and the strength of the human spirit. Sending lots of love and support to everyone in Queensland today x

Tuesday, January 11

Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

Just the cover was enough to get me in.  Isn't it beautiful?  According to the author - a former editor for W and Women’s Wear Daily who now writes for Vogue, this book is "a compendium of luxury that merges whimsy and practicality, the book traipses through all the fine arts, showcasing every sphere of style: fashion, food, travel, home, garden and beauty". Sounds good (and looks good) but I haven't seen it in the flesh so I'll hold my final verdict until then. Find out more at the website

Monday, January 10

D&G... Me Likey....

Is this real or am I dreaming???????? I just came across the D&G Spring/Summer 2011 Collection from Milan Fashion Week and to say I was in heaven is some sort of understatement.  WOW!!!!  It was like a floral explosion.  I felt like the people at D&G took a little trip inside my head and brought to life my fashion dream. You see, in my world, this is what everyone wears.  And we have garden parties, and play tennis and sip champagne......xx

Sunday, January 9

Fashionista to Frugalista...

I have a confession to make.  I have been known (in my not so distant past) to be somewhat of a spendaholic.  A byproduct of good taste I always say however this particular characteristic really hasn't held me in good stead for achieving some of my other desires (read: owning my dream house... or at least being well on my way to the dream house). So after a bit of a reality check over the weekend (thanks Dad xx) I am turning over a new leaf. I have definately become better over the years but I'm about to kick it up a notch. A serious notch. Now... where can I get me one of those cute Juicy Couture money boxes..... just KIDDING!

Saturday, January 8

Pansies for Thoughts x

{chair via absolutely beautiful things blog}

 A nice happy 'pansy' chair just because it's beautiful.  When my Nan use to write me letters or send me birthday cards she would always draw a little pansy and then write 'pansies for thoughts'.  So cute. I miss her, she was an incredible lady x

Friday, January 7

Font Love x

{all fonts via}

Today I got an email titled 'Best fonts of 2010'.  Maybe to MOST people that may not be the most exciting subject heading. BUT TO ME.... Heaven! These are my top 4 favourites. Enjoy peeps!

Same, Same.... Little Bit Different

I'm pretty sure I was an interior designer in a previous life.  I LOVE IT.  I've got so many little "projects" that I want to accomplish this year. Furniture to paint, chairs to re-upholster, shutters to have installed etc.  I just came across these pic's via the Absolutely Beautiful Things blog.  I love the idea of using the same piece but just changing it up via fabric or colour.  Very fun. Will add it to my ideas book.  Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 6

Just in case...

{images above: 1. jonathan adler calendar, 2. kate spade diary, 3. kikki k 365 diary 4. smythson diary } haven't yet got a 2011 diary or calendar yet here's a few of the cutest! Although there's so many electronic options available these days i'm still old skool when it comes to my diary and can't resist a good old fashioned hard copy one.