Friday, June 29

Heart Palpitations....

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OMG, is this not the dreamiest of wedding locations you have ever seen?! I have long followed the Elements of Style blog and now I also stalk this girls life on Instagram where I was first alerted to my dream wedding. As much as I'm happy to be live where I do and be Australian my Mum recently reminded me that I could (should) in fact be American. Hosted by the Grooms parents on their Conneticut estate (I'm sure I'm related somewhere down the line) isn't it the most heavenly thing you've seen. Or is it just me?  ps. LOVING the Bridesmaids and Groomsmens outfits.

Thursday, June 28

The Next Chapter

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Well, I can't believe the month of June has almost passed me by and I have not posted a single blog entry. It's been on the "to do" list for the last 5 weeks and yet nothing! Feeling a tad guilty (but trying not too.... it's not working!).

My new country life is living up to my dreams. It's so good to be away from the stresses of the city and to get back to a more simple way of being. I have wanted to do that for such a long time and needed to do it for even longer. I'm really not missing anything from the city (ok, maybe that the supermarkets are super close) and I can't wait for the exciting adventures in this next chapter.

Watch this space.... good things come to those who wait xox