Saturday, March 31

Celebrating the chicks

{ image via a long google search }

It's really only in the last couple of years that I've truly begun to appreciate just how lucky I am to have some amazing girlfriends. Although I don't see my besties all the time they are so loving and supportive and generous with their friendship and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. To old friends and newer one's too, I'm eternally grateful xox

Wednesday, March 28


{ via David Airey e-newsletter }

Had a little chuckle to myself when I came across this little gem!  It's like someone just read my mind. But seriously, what I want to know is WHEN WILL IT BE BACK IN STOCK??? 4-6 weeks? Do you have a customer service line that I can make a complaint to? Can you put me on a priority waiting list? I'm going to need more information!

Monday, March 26

I never do that!!!

{ sorry, can't remember who's tumblr page I got this one from. I wasn't thinking at the time!! }

Well, this is the prettiest portrayal of 'over thinking' that I've ever seen. And if you (like me) tend to suffer from over thinking on a daily basis then you'll identify with feeling like your head is exploding. Note to self: must stop over thinking. Why don't I think about that for once!

Friday, March 23

{ image via the design files }

‘Follow your heart
Trust your Judgement
Do it with joy’

This is the mantra of Sydney based furniture company Koskela.  Their furniture is cool - not necessarily my personal style but cool just the same.  But with a mantra like that, they've got my vote.

Thursday, March 22

Loving.... the new Mulberry campaign

{ images found all over the place, but I'm sure you can find them at Mulberry }

Some visual eye candy today... literally! I'm not sure who is at the helm for Mulberry these days but in my opinion they're doing a great job at breathing new life into what could have become a 'dusty' British brand. Loving this Spring/Summer campaign... makes me want to eat ice-cream.. Oh, and buy Mulberry!

Wednesday, March 21

Welcoming a Goddess

{ image of Lakshmi via google }

I don't know about anybody else, but every now and then things keep showing up in my life, I keep seeing certain images etc and the new ager in me knows that I'm being "told" something. When this happens of course I do what any normal person would do and "google it". Well, my latest search has put me onto the Goddess that is Lakshmi - this is what she represents and why I love her. She's just what I needed...

"Because Lakshmi's true mission is to bring eternal happiness to Earth, she helps us find meaningful careers that bring about handsome rewards, including personal fulfillment......... Pressing with your mind to try to make things happen is your greatest barrier and blockage, which can only be overcome when you become convinced that all riches worth having are already manifested within. When you relax with this knowledge and know with certainty that all is taken care of, then all restrictions are lifted completely"

Tuesday, March 20

Dear Kate Spade Designers

{ image via kate spade }

I'd very much like a Kate Spade bracelet or watch with 'every cloud has a silver lining' inscribed. Do you make one already? Over here in Oz I have to rely on getting my Kate Spade fix very sporadically, mostly through blogs and your website. Actually, that's another thing I'd like. How about our very own Kate Spade store in Sydney? 

You see, yesterday I had my very own 'cloud with a silver lining moment'.... or another way to put it is that I put something out to the universe and it totally delivered, as it does when something is 'meant to be'..... 

Monday, March 19

Big changes are a coming....

 { image via pinterest }

One of my very dear girlfriends sent me a quote this morning and I thought I'd share it just in case anyone reading this blog either today or in the future needs a bit of a push in the right direction. Here it is..... "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined".

Friday, March 16


{ image found here }

I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend drinking lots of tea with my Mum. Just stumbled across this image this morning and it made me so happy!  Love her outfit!! Makes me want to get skinnier legs.... Mmmmm, must start exercising next week. I've been putting it off for way too long. And don't even get me started on that top.... love, love, love it!.... Oh, and the teacup, and her hair.... OK, enough. Happy Friday xoxo

Thursday, March 15


{for more random but cool images, click here }

One of the great things about Pinterest (have I mentioned how much I LOVE Pinterest!!) is that you can 'like' stuff without categorising it on one of your boards. It's a place for those random images that you 'like' but don't really have a home for. I've got heaps of them. Sometimes there's something about an image that draws you to it. Sometimes I don't even like the whole image but just a part of it. Well today I'm sharing some of the random ones from my 'likes' page.

Wednesday, March 14

I'm in looooove.....

{ i found these at }

OMG, how AMAZING are these artworks by Georgia Fiennes. It would be so cool to have all 3 but if I had to choose a favourite I'd probably go with the top one. Who can resist a puppy with a striped ribbon & a bird cage with pom pom's?? Not me!!! 

Tuesday, March 13

A Happy Anniversary xox

 { just as we were leaving...... do we really have to come back to the 'real world'???.... uggggh }

 { this pic was taken just as you stepped out of our room. can you get a sense of the divineness!! }

 { a little anniversary pressie from my mum & dad. so cute! }

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary and to celebrate we took ourselves off for a romantic weekend to a beautiful place called 'Woodbyne'. It was heaven. Woodbyne is my new favourite place in the "whole wide world"....No exaggeration!!! I must have said that about a thousand times over the 2 days we were there. It was just too divine for words. It was so much fun - just how life should be....

Friday, March 9


{ you can find these & more pretty images at my pinterest board here }

This week has been too crazy, busy, stressful for my liking and I feel the need to retreat and just look at things that are soft... and pretty.... and make me happy. Happy Friday friends xx

Saturday, March 3

Monogram me!

{images via pinterest. The top one is Lily Pulitizer.. swoon! }

I'm in monogram mode at the mo'! Coming up to our 2nd wedding anniversary and I think it's high time I started monograming various household items. Only problem is the monogram I designed for our wedding invitations doesn't really translate to a suitable style for pillowcases etc so may have to come up with something new/different.... Add it to the 'to do' list...... xoxo

Friday, March 2

Missing Kitty

{ this is not our kitty but I found him at alinakaras tumblr & couldn't resist }

Our little kitty kat 'Arthur' is having a holiday with his grandparents in the Highlands this week and we have been missing him terribly!! I know he's a cat (not a child) but he is like our little baby and it's so strange when he's not here. Even though he has got a major attitude and for the most part doesn't want a lot to do with us when he is here (if you've got a cat you'll know what I'm talking about!) I miss the little guy and can't wait to give him a big fat cuddle (he HATES cuddles!!!!)  xx