Wednesday, July 10

Movie magic...

Today I stumbled on a blog that listed 16 movies to watch when you're having a baby. Nice, warm and fuzzies that focused on the nice parts of family life rather than the sometimes scary, negative side of being a parent. And it got me thinking about some of my favourite movies. The one's I can watch over and over (and over). There's sooooo many more but these are the one's that first came to mind.

The Sex & The City Movie - the first one. The 2nd was total rubbish and still upsets me to think how wrong they got it. But the first one was pure genius. As was the whole 6 seasons. Oh, how I miss Carrie and the girls.

Gone with the Wind - it was on TV recently (a Sunday afternoon scenario) and I started watching it again. I must have seen this movie close to 500 times. It is an amazing, iconic, epic movie. Scarlet O'Hara was so stunning. The outfits were incredible and it was a great story. It is well deserving of being called a CLASSIC

Father of the Bride - Best. movie. ever. Granted it is now a bit dated but I love, love, love this movie. Everything about it. Full stop.

The Notebook - this has got to be the ultimate chick flick and I love nothing more than some romance in my movies. Rachel McAdams is so perfect in this movie and let's not even get started on Ryan G. Noah and Ali, you've got my vote.

Friends with Benefits -  The true definition of a romantic comedy. JT cracks me up in this. I loved him before, but this movie masterpiece just kicked it up a notch. Favourite scene is him doing his dance to Criss Cross' "jump, jump".... Brilliant!

The Family Stone - the first time I watched this movie I remember not really liking it. But something made me watch it again, and again. And somewhere along the way I came to love it. And I now know why. It's the cast. Some of my absolute favourite actors but not playing obvious characters. Makes it so perfect.

Well, that's my top 6. I'm sure I've missed some absolute pearlers and I'm sure serious movie snobs would find my list a little ho hum, but who cares. These movies make me feel and they make me smile and isn't that the whole point.....

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