Thursday, June 20

Project complete!!

 { the final product in it's new home.  very happy }
 { the 'during' shot..... this was pretty fun and surprisingly easy! }

 { the very uninspiring 'before' shot. You can see how the legs looked pretty average }

With hundreds of ideas and projects floating around in my head on any given day I have a little problem sometimes with turning ideas into reality. Well I'm pleased to report that I have actually completed one of my grand ideas (OK, not THAT grand).... and I'm tres tres happy with the result.

I recently bought a cheap little tray table (the tray bit was really good but the legs made it look as cheap as it was!). I then discovered a thing called SUPER GOLD spray paint.  Not just any gold, this stuff shines bright like a diamond! So yesterday whilst the sun was shining I got to work. I also used a gold leaf pen to do the edging of the tray - just to tie it all in.  Wowser! This table looks totes fab (even if I do say so myself) and has left me wanting to paint everything gold!!!!

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