Friday, June 14

Feelin' it.....

 { it's all about that chair }

{ i think this woman might be a little cleverer* than me!! } 
*i know that's not a word!

 { that nude.... must. have. one. }

{ loving her art collection a lot of which she finds cheaply at thrift shops or does herself }

{ the little studio... i'm in love }

One little email last night single handedly lifted me out of the doldrums (no mean feat!). And it came via Houzz. Well you've scrolled through the images to get to this so you'll know by now why my heart skipped a beat.  This lovely woman has a little studio out the back (last pic) where she teaches young children how to sew. Sew cute!! And her house is an eclectic mix of furnishings many of which she has made herself. See the heart chair in the first pic (my personal fave), well, she painted those hearts. Tres tres clever. It has definately inspired me to get my craft on this weekend.

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