Tuesday, June 25

Pink Lady...

{ pink love.... love pink } 

{ nothing says fabulous more than a hot pink ball gown }

 { a pink trench is practically a wardrobe staple... must be on the look out }

 { how divine is a beautiful bunch of roses and hydrangeas soft shades of pink }

{ and last but not least, I love a boy wearing pink..... }

I used to be a blue & white girl. If anyone asked me what my favourite colour was without question I'd say blue (or more specifically, the combo of blue & white). 

Now don't get me wrong, I still loooooove blue and white - it's everywhere in my house. But more and more of late I've become a pink girl. And i love it for EVERYTHING. My clothes, boys clothes, fabrics, furnishings, flowers, drinks (think pink champagne!). And I covet all hues of my (new) favourite colour. Blush pink, musk pink, hot pink... Doesn't matter what the hue, i love you pink!

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