Tuesday, April 23

Mothers know best!

{ if you visit me one day I hope to be showing you a garden that looks just like this! }

I love shopping with my Mum. But she does make me chuckle! When I was a little girl my Mum and I would go clothes shopping and I'd have my eye on all sorts of fabulous outfits, some ridiculously expensive, and my Mum's response would be either "but there's not even a metre of material!" or..... "oh Sarah, I could make that". 

Well, fast forward a few years and we're still shopping together but this time for plants. Last week I set off with Mum to really hit the nurseries for some plants for our new garden. We must have visited about 5 or 6 of them and I was on a mission to purchase. However, any time I'd find something I'd hear this voice saying "No, don't buy that. I can give you some of that from my garden". 

History repeats itself. Turns out the little voice won MOST of the time but sometimes it's nice to have something that's a bit established in the garden rather than a cutting here or a transplanted (and often sick looking) something there. But it also made me realise how much money I was saving having Mum with me. And rest assured, with a Mother like mine I will have a beautiful garden (I'm channeling the one in the picture above). My Mother is super talented and has a bit of a green thumb. With her help, and lots of plants from her garden (I'm currently visiting it on almost a daily basis) I plan to have a cottage garden in our backyard in no time!!

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