Monday, April 15


I'm not usually one to blog about sport but today I'm making an exception. Why? Because Adam Scott was just the first Australian to win the US Masters. It was nail biting stuff and with 3 Aussies in the top 5 we had a good chance.... and then it went to a play off (the other 2 Aussies didn't make it). Tensions were running high.. and then Adam took it out with a killer putt. Now, if you're really not into golf (although I kinda am) you possibly won't be that excited. But, let me just fill you in on an important detail I have missed so far - Adam Scott is super cute to boot, and I'm not being biased - just ask Burberry, they think he's pretty cute too although I don't believe he's with them anymore (shame on you Burbs - bet you're kicking yourselves today!). Anyhoo, it's a great day to celebrate Australian sport and Australian hotness and that's worth blogging about.

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