Wednesday, April 24

These are a few of my favourite pins!

{ this lady (CZ Guest), is as good as the Kennedys as far as I'm concerned. Love this image of her. }

{ cutest couple award this week goes to ellen and portia. loving the outfits chicks. }

{ call it random but this picture makes me feel like a glass of ice cold champagne. now. }

{ fiddle dee dee, i love vivien leigh as scarlet o'hara in gone with the wind. }

 { I originally pinned this because I loved the door but actually I think it love everything about it. Don't you just want to step inside? }

Still going with the sound of music theme.... (see post title if you're confused). Today I thought I'd share some of the favourite things I've "pinned" of late. Seems my board on The Kennedys is getting quite a few followers. Turns out I'm not the only one obsessed with the first family. If you're keen, check it out here

I've had to carefully curate this selection... when you're a pinterest addict (as I happily admit I am) we could be here all day if I showed you everything I've pinned in the last week so instead I'm sharing my true favourites, totally random.... only took me a couple of hours to wittle these down!!

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