Friday, March 22

A delightful day for a Garden Party!

{ me in the red & white spots and shimmers in black and grey.... hat sisters for the day }

{ a marquee, bunting, pom poms & flowers - all the ingredients for a garden party! }

{ post party enjoying a glass of wine - our friend lesley in front, my dad, shimmers & my mum in hot pink }

{ the wine fitted so perfectly with our floral theme! }

On Wednesday, my Mum and I hosted a Garden Party for my darling bestie Shimmers (who I like to call my sister), as she battles brain cancer for the 2nd time. It was a wonderful day full of love and generosity and tea and we raised $1600 for her. We both said a few words (Shimmers & I) but unfortunately neither one of us could hold back the tears - a little embarassing in front of 40 people!

It really does restore your faith in the goodness of humankind when things like this happen and how kind, generous and supportive people can be - often even strangers. So once again a big thankyou to everyone who gave so generously for our day and to the weather Gods who really turned the sunshine on for us - something that is not a given when you live in this part of the world!

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