Tuesday, March 26


{ stumbled across this image on pinterest last night... it's for a wedding but seemed to fit the bill perfectly}

Patience is not my strong point.  However, it turns out that patience is a key ingredient when making a garden, along with a bit of faith. Over the past few days I have planted some seeds..... Seeds make me very nervous. I never know how far down to put them, do you put them all in the one hole, will they all grow, will any grow??  Being a visual person I think I prefer buying a punnet or a small plant and watching it grow. At least there's some sign of life from the get-go... With a seed you just have to plant, wait and hope for the best...... which I am doing right now. I promise to reveal in the coming weeks whether I have had any success.... in the meantime I am doing my best to have faith in the process of life, and willing my little seeds to grow...... 

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