Monday, March 18

One day....

{ if you feel the need you can trace this image here }

One day I hope that I will be able to step out into my garden and pick a beautiful bunch of flowers like this..... However, I'm learning that the garden is a slow build... it takes time... and I'm impatient. Bunches of flowers like this one don't just happen overnight... the garden is a process. I'm pretty sure it's going to teach me a lesson about life. Something along the lines of good things take time and a lot of tender loving care. Occasionally you'll plant things and expect brilliant blooms only to find that they weren't in fact suited to the soil, position or just didn't happen. Other things will be a wonderful surprise and will blossom to a point that takes your breath away.

Wow, that was deep. Amazing what a picture of a beautiful bunch of roses can do!

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