Saturday, May 18

The art of quiet...

{ this image makes me feel nice and calm.... will hold it in my mind when things get hectic }

Earlier tonight I was reading one of my 'go to' blogs and this girl was talking about a goal she'd set herself a couple of years ago. She decided to make a list of 101 things she wanted to do, and she gave herself 1001 days to tick them off. Sounds like a plan. It's nice to think occasionally about things you'd like to do in your life and more importantly to capture them and then work through them. 101 things sounds like a lot to me.... not sure I'd want to do that many but I could probably manage 50.

But, all this got me thinking a little bit deeper. I know there's a couple of things about myself I'd really like change. And it's not as simple as writing a list and ticking it off. No, this is going to be a little more difficult. But it's time to commit.

What I want to try and do is be a little quieter, a little more at peace with life. Sounds wishy washy already. But I have a tendency to push things and to be a little aggressive (not sure that's the right word). My school report cards described me as "argumentative". And I can be. Terribly. So it's time to spend a little less time being heard and a little more time listening, being quiet and adopting a far calmer attitude to everything. 

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