Thursday, May 16

1 year....

{ it's all in the details... my bathroom will be having a makeover and this will so be happening } 

{ fabulous statement curtains.... I have sooooo many curtains to make! } 

{ yep, I'll definately be adding some super cool wallpaper to my laundry room. So much fun }

Today marks one year since we left our city lives behind and moved into our cottage in the country. What a difference a year makes. For me this has been one of the best decisions in my life to date. I love our life in the country and I can honestly say I don't miss living in the city one little bit. Not one. Even things that I thought I may have missed haven't been an issue.

So, the year behind us has been action packed. Lots of things done around the house and garden but that 'to do' list of mine still has a million projects on it. As my husband says, "I don't think we'll ever really be done" (not in an overly enthusiastic tone!). And of course he's right. The (frustrated) Interior Decorator in me is constantly conjuring up new and wonderous ways to make our home just that - our home.

I have got "inspiration" up to my eyeballs so thought I'd share some of the projects that I'm setting my sights on in the coming months. We are in dire need of fabulous curtains in many rooms still, the bathroom is by far the ugliest room in the house - but soooooooo ripe for a makeover and I'm yet to find a way to introduce some 'to die for' wallpaper. Give me time... I'm thinking the laundry room could be the way to go - a la image above.

If you're looking for some inspiration to pretty up your home, feel free to visit my pinterest board 'Inspiration for Fidelis'. I'm happy to share the love.

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