Monday, May 6

Photoshoot with the babies

{ above, our cat Arthur, reclining as he does all day every day.... and Gus, a moment of stillness, at last! }

Instagram makes taking photo's all too easy which is great, but it's stopped me from ever getting out my "real camera"..... which is exactly what I did last week. After one of my pinterest sessions I was inspired to take some shots of my beloved babies and so out came the Canon 550D and the next hour was spent trying to get some cool pic's of my pooch and pussy cat. 
The cat was a lot easier than the dog since he was already in position and more than happy to pose. The dog on the other hand was a complete nightmare. Way too excited and not very open to taking direction! Go figure! Anyhoo, after lots (and lots) of shots, these two are my faves. God I love these animals, they are both just soooooooo adorable.

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