Tuesday, April 30

Totally torn....

{ the boho in me is in love with this image... those pants are divine, and soooo comfy } 

{ but this look is tres chic, but still in a fun casual way.... totally works for me } 

{ my inner boarding school girl just can't resist this little ensemb! }

{ and then there's this "I just threw it on and look how perfectly casual I look" look. One of my personal faves }

{ I'm pleased to say that this officially proves that trackies are capable of being chic }

I had a funny thought about myself today... I realised when it comes to my style (and I think this applies to both fashion and my home) I am totally torn between a relaxed boho vibe with lots of colour and playfulness but I am also a complete lover of a more refined, sophisticated preppy kind of look. I oscillate between the two - pretty much on a daily basis. It's like being Carrie with a big dose of Charlotte thrown in for good measure. Is it possible for Carrie and Charlotte to merge?  Well, apparently it is, and it's me!!

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