Thursday, November 1

Good Idea....

 { flowers in your ice cubes.... oh so simple and a nice touch for a  summers day }

 { wrap your bottle in a pretty tea towel for a cute hostess gift }

{doesn't hurt to add a bit of zing to your lemonade every now and then! }

{ backyard movie night... screaming for a screening of dirty dancing... i'm soo doing this... one day }

So, one of my pinterest boards is named the 'How To' board. Full of (other peoples) good ideas on how to make things, turn thing from drab to fab etc etc. You get the drift. Some practical, some fun and some just for when a rainy day strikes and you feel like a little project. Thought I'd share some of my favourites that are pretty easy but fun... most of which I'm yet to do but will totally get around to soon....!! Check out more 'How To' goodness here...

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