Tuesday, October 30

Achievable Fabulousness...

{ no prizes for guessing where found this image.... click here }

You know what I love about this picture? That it looks beautiful but also feels achievable. So many houses and interiors that I drool over are over the top fabulous and therefore keeps them at a bit of a distance. But if you break this one down it all looks pretty simple. Modern fireplace (mmm, might need to re-model ours a little to get this look), bookshelf, pictures on wall in a variety of frames, big bold upholstered chair in fabulous fabric, rustic coffee table complete with some mags and flowers to make it feel more welcoming. Even the TV blends in nicely... All in all a humble design that feels cosy and warm and like I could happily enjoy a cup of tea in.... I'm off to put the kettle on x

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