Thursday, August 9

Impossibly Jealous!

{ I could very happily holiday here..... }

{ or here..... }

{ or here..... actually, I think this might be SJP's house. Perfect! }

I stalk many blogs and I even live vicariously through some of the them. The world seems so much shiner in blogland and when sometimes real life can be 'messy' and not as dreamlike as it is in my head the world of blogs, pinterest and tumblr capture it all so perfectly - you know, the way 'it's MEANT to be'.

Earlier this week I found myself checking in to 'the house that a-m built' blog. As with most (ok, all) the blogs I follow I've never met this woman but I feel like I know her. She's an interior decorator and has been featured in some Australian home magazines for her classic Hamptons decorating style. You can see why we're kindered spirits!  Well, this week she is in the states and not only has she attended a blogging conference in NYC (yep, she's pretty much made a career out of blogging!) but she's in THE HAMPTONS....... my favourite place in the entire universe. ever. The pang of jealously I felt did not go unnoticed and it really made me realise that I need to get my a*$se into gear if I want to bring to (real) life some of my long held dreams. I have been to The Hamptons once (but didn't have nearly enough time there) and am  D E S P E R A T E  to go back. Along with Boston where another of my all time favourite blogging "friends" lives.

On a less jealous note it's nice to see people living their dreams and positive things happening in their lives when they follow their hearts. NYC & The Hamptons... here I come!

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