Friday, August 10

Outdoor Perfection

I have soooooo many ideas when it comes to interior decorating my home and for the most part it comes pretty naturally and I LOVE doing it.... however, when it comes to the garden I'm stumped! No pun intended. So I've been collecting some inspiration of late and getting heaps of ideas. Now it's nearly time to put inspiration into action. I'm thinking I can (easily!!) create something similar to this image... Isn't it just divine? The formal hedges, with a touch of colour, height and scale. And then of course there's the outdoor entertaining area. How I wish this picture showed us a little more... but I get the drift... just make it fabulous!! Do you think if I show this picture to my hubby he'll be as inspired as me and will just make it happen!?!! Mmmmm, me neither..... 

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