Sunday, July 25

A fun new game!

I've just discovered a fun new game.  It's called "putting together a virtual moodboard of your favourite things".  For today I chose "My Dream House".  It took me hours and to be honest I could have kept going but I ran out of space (and time!). Here's the list....

1. My dream kitchen.  Love the colours, the lighting, the benchtops and most importantly those french doors.  They are an absolute must in my dream home.

2. A backyard complete with flower covered swing. I could spend hours here.

3. A chair painted in that exact shade of green.  I'd probably have to replace the dog with our cat Arthur. Both very cute! {via lonny mag}

4. Limoge - since I plan to drink lots of cups of tea in my dream house I'll be needing some fine china.  These will be for "special occasions".  Will have to relegate my Kate Spade cups to "everyday".

5. This outfit (from Woodford & Co) is what I plan to spend a lot of time in, in my dream house.  And hopefully my hair will fall just as perfectly "un-done" as hers too!

6. A Hermes blanket - OK, so this is my dream house so I thought I'd push the boundaries.  I could probably make do with the musk pink mohair rug (that I already own - & love) but this is the dream. {image from}

7. Fresh flowers in every single room. And plenty of them!

8. A David Bromley painting - I've had my eye on his paintings for a while.  It's only a matter of time (and will go "perfectly" in my dream house).

9. Love this lamp, table, chair combo.  {via WS Home}.

10. The 'Florals and Stripes' studio.  In my very own backyard so I don't have to travel to work.  OMG, the interior of it can be a whole other moodboard!!!!  When I've got a spare 3 hours!

{please note: I haven't noted the source of the photo's when I don't know where they're from.  Before I had a blog I used to collect many images without noting their source.  Please let me know if I've used an image of yours and I'll be more than happy to credit it}

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