Thursday, July 8

Some days dreams end...

{image via pink wallpaper blog}

Tonight I watched Masterchef and the favourite in the competition (Marion) was eliminated.  I shed a little tear for her.  She was the favourite for a reason and clearly cooking is her passion and her dream was to win this competition.  Masterchef has totally sucked me in for the 2nd season.  Not because I'm passionate about cooking (in fact, completely the opposite) but because I'm 100% inspired by the people who want to change their lives and decide to follow their hearts and dreams. I love that people are doing just that, and each time one of them gets eliminated it's totally heart wrenching.  My wish for them is that they find the strength to follow their path and they continue to live their dreams long after they leave the competition. Sometimes it's not easy but I'm sure it's definately worth it.  After all, everything happens for a reason xox

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