Thursday, May 23

Feels like Saturday.

{ I'm intending to drink many cups of tea today! Find image here }

Let me set the scene. It's pouring outside, it's early and I'm sitting on the couch, cup of tea in hand, kitty cat curled up next to me. All the ingredients for a perfect DVD day on a rainy Saturday. Except it's Thursday, which makes it a work day - and a busy one at that. I've got lots to do today. No time to sit around. But I got up pretty early this morning so I've been lucky enough to have that blissful time of the day to myself, when hubby has gone to work and it's still too early for phone's to ring and emails to come through. And because it's raining there's no people out and about in the street and even the pooch is still in bed. I love that early morning calm...... even if this morning has lulled me into the confusion that it was Saturday. It will be soon enough...

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