Wednesday, May 8

Famous Faces

{ mary-kate or ashley? who knows but I love this shot - those girls really know how to work it for the camera }

{ grace kelly - so incredibly elegant, captured so perfectly in this image } 

{ I have so many pictures of kate hudson that i love but this one is my favourite - today }

{ love this picture of audrey, very different to the famous images that are so familiar }

One of the most amazing things about the world wide web is having access to pictures of famous peeps that you otherwise would never get to see - unless you devoured every single magazine on the planet. It's like getting a little glimpse into their lives, sometimes when they're looking amazingly perfect, and other times when it feels more natural and candid. The candid, behind the scenes type images are mostly my favourite but who can't help being drawn into the images that are so perfectly styled, complete with the best photography, lighting and hair and make-up that money can buy. I'm in....

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