Friday, April 12

Kate calls in the decorators

{ the pictures that led to this shocking discovery, you can find more here }

Yesterday on pinterest I stumbled across Kate & Andy Spade's Hamptons house (of course they have a hamptons house!) and was completely shocked (read = disappointed) when I read that it was decorated by steven sclaroff. Not because I have any clue who steven sclaroff is, my shock was that Kate & Andy Spade get the decorators in. What the? Now, maybe I'm completely naive but I would have thought that between them Kate & Andy would have been able to decorate their house with their eyes closed (so to speak...). Don't get me wrong, I know that neither Andy or Kate are interior designers/decorators as such but I just assumed that their incredible style would translate across to their home effortlessly. I thought wrong... and might I say that I'm slightly devastated. Kate has just taken a step down from her pedestal.

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